The new family of Herbalife launched a week of Baidu ranked home experience

yesterday wrote an article "new Casa Herbalife launched a week of Baidu included experience, at Casa Herbalife launched a week is included in Baidu keyword" Herbalife ", ranked 42, detailed text reference:" the new family of Herbalife launched a week of Baidu included experience about "on the line today, a friend told me CASA Herbalife Baidu ranking rose to seventh place, Baidu site, right enough. In fact, as far as I am concerned, is expected to do the "Herbalife" optimization to the home page, but did not think up so fast.

summary of my promotion process, I hope all of you help. Throughout the promotion process, I’ve just done the following things:

1, think about the unique value of the website. Unique means no competition, it means cooperation. The home location of Herbalife is to provide a site navigation Herbalife distributor certification, to provide a display of their own platform for Herbalife distributor. Our partner is the majority of the Herbalife distributors. When the Casa Herbalife authority platform became a third party, means that the success of

Herbalife home

2, setting up the domain name of the website. Fortunately, CN, COM domain name has been registered, I settle for second, chose a domain name, in fact as the third party platform, ORG domain (nonprofit organizations, non-profit organizations) is a good choice. Moreover, for search engines, the ORG domain name is also a trusted domain name suffix.

3, content collection. What I’m talking about here is collecting, not collecting. There are a lot of the site navigation station now, open look, people are stereotyped, no appetite (hope before you do site navigation to consider, in the foreseeable future, there may be more than 265, HAO123, if not, forget big web site daohangzhan idea, to concentrate on doing their own expertise in that one, the industry to do the first, you will succeed). Then the Casa Herbalife content is unique and novel, the site is not included, but very delicate, very purposeful.

4, cooperative propaganda. I can bring to the Herbalife interests of dealers is to provide an independent third party certification by CASA Herbalife certified dealer, will mean a higher degree of trust, and thus more easily in the online customer turnover. I can bring to the interests of customers Herbalife is to provide certification Herbalife distributors, will be good to buy regular Herbalife products. So without much effort, we will find a lot of Herbalife distributors and we cooperate.

5, concentrate on just one subject. I stand the theme is very clear, is "Herbalife", I stand in collaboration with the relevant site, thus ranking ascension is a natural thing.

experience: a unique and valuable content, doing fine and precise content of cooperation rather than competition, you will win

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