Talking about the experience of a novice webmaster doing a station

I was a novice, I do stand no more than 100 days, yesterday just wrote a "novice webmaster site 100 days aid=146066, sour, sweet, bitter, hot"? My website Guangzhou barter network now popularity is not high, the number of users is only a few hundred people, but I never felt discouraged, because I think I in the right way to do stand ahead, I have confidence in the next 5 years will Guangzhou barter network into Guangzhou is the most authoritative and most professional personal goods transactions


below, I will be my station experience and share with your webmaster friends.

: first principles: I do stand principles must be done for users useful to the user, this is the core issue here, including useful not illegal, walking sites, including the state does not allow jurisprudence, involving political sites like, not only can do website content it is absolutely not allowed to relate to these contents. At the same time, be sure to do a useful and helpful website for the net friend, instead of using your own interest or conscience to do the garbage station, cheater net, and that’s not what I can allow.

second: the website must focus on: in fact, do stand and life, remember when the family and I told a story, said there are 2 monks to go to the mountain for a monk is here to dig, dig there, just dig under no water say this place. No water. Re looking for a place to dig. So again and again, always can not see the shadow of the water, another monk find a place, undivided attention to dig down, although has been so dig dug, never saw water coming out, but the monk never discouraged, finally one day out of a large water well. This story has been deeply affecting me, life should be dedicated, do not have to do so,


third: do have brand awareness, many people think that the site is a live, idea advance is good, others do not care, in fact, in the vast network, is really advanced, there are many sites of the one and only technology? NO, most network stations are almost the same, and technology for many IDEA sites are not the main bottleneck, in my opinion, the website real value lies in the core of its brand, the brand website also is one of the core value of the site is independent of similar sites, there is no other website brand strength, its value will be fully released, for a very simple for example, we now think of as a webmaster, Adsense nets, will not think Admin5, think this is graph king, because Admin5 in quite a long period of time. What is the webmaster service, do the webmaster exchange platform, set up on the website of the brand owners will cause. So I think when we do the station, we must have the goal, forward-looking to establish our brand awareness. Once our website has a brand, our users will be more comfortable with our website

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