Personal webmaster flow source discussion

if there are no special circumstances, the general flow sources are mainly as follows:

1, search engine home traffic

this for a website is very important, good optimization, search ranking can have very good flow. Such as. Search novels, if you stand on the first page, it is expected that there will be some good traffic.

2, content page traffic

, that’s what everybody often says. That is the specific content of the site, the webmaster often said soft Wen, hard text. Ha-ha。 In fact, good flow, need soft text, also need hard text. If you want better traffic, keep your website updated and your web site original, at least for the search engines to like. A lot of standing traffic also comes from this. Such as. (the laggards), the first admin5., the DoNews, and so on, and so on.

3, connection flow

the only non advertising nature here is traffic. Mainly reflected in the hao123, 265, and other major web site. It also includes some stations and the friendship connection. Such as. 17173 and so on.

4, advertising traffic

for individual webmaster, this traffic estimate is very few. Because we are grassroots. Maybe get some suitable traffic through some suitable advertising. In fact, alimama many personal Adsense, in order to achieve effective traffic has been doing.

5 and discharge

, I don’t like it very much. It is to take the station traffic flow. Maybe for advertising revenue. Maybe for publicity. Since it exists, it is reasonable.

6, back flow

if you stand well enough. Here’s good, including content, domain names, and so on. I think we should have a good turnover rate. Include your website directly. If so, that’s best. But very rarely. I love the storytelling network. It’s because the content tells me to remember. Listen to it often.

7, total

some traffic is meaningful. Some of the traffic is garbage, and can only use the secondary traffic to earn some income, anyway, traffic is very important for our webmaster. It’s not convenient for me to say that the traffic is less than 100 per day.. It is true that it is worthwhile to turn to one hundred RMB stations in january. I also encourage, because that may be what we need to do after the webmaster and research.

8, supplement

for content page traffic, I think with the search engine updates, traffic will be more. Of course, there will be less. Because this is exactly what we need to do. Ongoing updates, updates. Be useful or valuable.

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