From the success of WeChat see the dawn of the stationmaster

walks down the street and sees fashionable young people holding mobile phones from time to time, "WeChat."". It turned out that WeChat is a Tencent launched its products. In recent years, the new emerging chat software. The idea is based on mobile phone millet launched "m chat", Tencent with fast and accurate "concept to seize the market, with tens of thousands of QQ resources, and a variety of QQ email marketing channels, WeChat has become among the most popular mobile phone chat tools. But, simply these promotion channels will be successful,


not really, Xiao Bian through constant research. That WeChat success is not simply a strong promotion channels, but also because of its products to grasp the three elements of success.

one. User experience success,

"user experience" the word for many webmaster, are familiar with, can not be familiar with. Iphone is successful, not simply its stylish appearance, but also its IOS system high-quality user experience. WeChat is also true, with WeChat know, its simple and elegant UI design, functional and practical speech plus, how it will be received by the user’s favorite? Some webmaster, that user experience is the most high-quality content to the user. In fact, this is just a part of it, if the user see the quality content page are full of advertisements, or interface is ugly, it will have a favorable impression on your website? So, user experience is very important. A good user experience will set some loyal users for you.

two. Innovation success,

innovation is the foundation of WeChat’s success. "Shake", "drift bottle" and "say hello to the people nearby", these innovative functions have made many people who are not in the communication circle make new friends, and have infinite mystery to the new things. Mobile phones are most afraid of consuming traffic, while WeChat compresses pictures, voice and video, greatly reducing traffic costs and naturally acquiring hundreds of millions of loyal users. Webmaster is the same, many sites but stereotyped application template, will not increase their practical function. For example, you use 19 floor templates do local station, can do to 19 floor so successful? and other sites, is a successful example of innovation.

three. Follow the needs of the market and the pace of the times, go

WeChat, although not Tencent’s first, but WeChat in this era of mobile phone chat, to create a product in the forefront of fashion trends, will naturally succeed. And the same is true of the site, take the domain name, the recent lot of celebrity Pinyin domain name was registered in a mess. However, as time goes on, these domain names can only be like floating smoke and passing clouds. The site content is not but it is no longer a century old, the 90s irrigation level.

according to the above three points, whether do product or site, product manager or webmaster want to understand that a successful product to ensure the most basic user experience, secondly with unique features, then.

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