Little brother taught you to predict the tens of thousands of P on the latest keywords

read an article yesterday in the webmaster nets, "the most beautiful China hackers appeared every month to earn 15000 yuan, I immediately felt that this article must fire, at the same time try in Baidu search, found the four major portals are reproduced in the article, the site has seen hundreds, as can be imagined. The people of no less than about one hundred thousand, so the key words " YingCracker" search volume should not be small, at night I still mention a group of " YingCracker" the key is sure to fire, we can make a page optimization flow to pick up points, but no one cares about. Early this morning, open the computer in Baidu search " YingCracker", found that someone had already wrote a simple The early bird catches, article, collect relevant information on the yingcracker, second days on the row to Baidu home page, see this page hits that day brought him tens of thousands flow, and yesterday I inquired, in the first row is not the site, preliminary estimates, can give the site 2-3W traffic today. We can only admire this person’s information, insight is too strong, can be good at mining small competition, large flow of keywords, is the most smart way.

according to this article, a brief summary of the big flow, competitive keywords, forecasting skills, skills, and some simple analysis. For your reference and learning.

one. Prediction skills for such keywords,

1 four big gateway headlines

2 QQ popups news

3 Tianya, mop and other community

4’s own ability to predict an article

skills: some keywords in this paper mentioned, as mentioned in " YingCracker", but many articles may not be mentioned, and this is the time to summarize according to the contents of the article, according to user search habits to extract high search keywords.

two keywords such as advantages and disadvantages analysis

1 advantage

competition is small: because a lot of people do not pay attention to, will not mean to optimize, so the competition is very small, it is easy to optimize.

large flow: on the portal of the news reprint rate is very high, so the article browsing is quite high.

can quickly enhance the brand website: if a keyword and their relevant web content, can put the key words do Baidu home page, you can play quickly improve website brand effect, look carefully, the four portals are to help you promotion, there are other websites, a short period of time there are so many people concerned and discussed. Some people want to know more information, will certainly go to Baidu search, so our site display rate and click rate are >

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