Baidu’s ups and downs

Do the station

last month, about a week Baidu included me, more and more pages included slowly, 10 days in charge of more than 600, may be two days into more than 300, I think this is because some of it is collected. I insist on updating every day and developing links at the same time. Soon, Baidu’s volume began to increase, every day snapshots. My site traffic is also increasing by 10% per day, and I’m very happy. Of course, happy or happy, or to update and do links?. Soon, the flow is coming, 2000IP/ days, PV million.

may be the day before yesterday, I found that traffic in decline, I check Baidu included, or a lot of more than 3000, can flow down interest, soon from more than 2000 down to several hundred. Because those days are sad days, I think the Internet less people do not care. But sad just ended, I check Baidu, just took me a home page, snapshot or the same day. I have encountered this kind of thing before, and Baidu is adjusting, and it will increase slowly. On the second morning, I check again, this is finished, Baidu completely deleted. Now only a month, see what time he gave me reincluding, can’t tomorrow every day is the same, why he gave me the nickname K, online watch is the cause of the K, some say is collected too much, but I don’t collect or original a lot although less, but there are still. Have said in Post Bar chaos posting, but I rarely say ah, there is Links one by K was so K, I check the chain no one was K. The more I say, the more annoyed I do not want to say, now I have to wait. I believe that perseverance is victory. Will be included one day. At the same time I hope that the master to help me analyze the reasons. URL:

I am poor in writing ability. Please forgive me when I can’t get through.

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