f you want to be a self media ask what you will do first

now since the media is not hot, Lu Songsong, black millet, Feng Dongyang and so on, the concept of network promotion, in the webmaster circle is not a bit strange, imitation is more and more people. The reason is because these people have great value, I have from the media by a lot of money to get the money, fame, circle of contacts and other income, so a lot of people envious, imitation, operation people naturally more.

can not deny that the proceeds of the project will naturally operate, since the media is no exception.

, let’s take a look at the concept of self media here first with Peng Jinjie.

media (English Name: We Media) is also called "citizen media" or "personal media", is a private, civilian, generalization, independent of the communicators, with modern electronic means, in general, not specific to the new media most of the single individual or a specific delivery specification and the non normative information. – it comes from Baidu Encyclopedia

simply put it: since the media is to have their own information, knowledge, resources, etc., to communicate and share a new media for a specific crowd.

from the media, this model itself is a good model, Peng Jinjie himself is also a positive attitude. On the one hand, people from the media to better enhance their reputation, circle pulse etc, but also better able to share their resources to your fans, and in order to maintain their own fans, will be harder to share their knowledge; on the other hand, fans can get from the media more carefully to share knowledge, learning to more and more useful knowledge, can get more. It’s a win-win situation.

but with the media hot, chaos began to appear, more and more people from the media, there is no threshold limit, the "pseudo expert", "the first person" and so on the so-called be like bamboo shoots after a spring rain appeared. The so-called "self media" quality is uneven, completely disrupting the normal self media model.


as a network marketing people, from the media staff contacts are more, so Peng Jinjie here on behalf of these real media from these "pseudo media from" three questions:

, what’s your initial goal from the media? Just to make a profit,


no doubt, with more and more fans from the media, from the media, people are sure to benefit from it. However, these are only from the media in the whole process of incidental benefits, only to inadvertently, not its original intention, not to deliberately make money.

, and these become some "pseudo media" from the original intention of operation, in order to earn fans money, without any exception, deception, temptation…… From their fans, profit, it has no intention to deceive the fans, fans of the poison of a loss of money, but you lose more.

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