Ding Tao talking about several major advertising associations in China

opens the dictionary to see the definition of an alliance: a group of two or more countries forming a union for two acts together. Also refers to the union of an individual or a collective or class. "I selected poems of · Sanhe water song" two: "in the three river, sworn brother alliance." Kang Youwei "the Datong book" B: "of the second chapter, the existing alliance body Tongli, which also states with the League of the same kind of teaching."

this time the definition of advertising alliance consulting some domestic advertising alliance of friends, also know about the development of the domestic advertising alliance, the answer is different, but the combined meaning is this: advertisers in a website advertising, advertising to more and more, can not digest so many of his ads, to this part of the advertising for some small sites to digest, and that a website like, I simply set up a coalition won, then advertising out, then we found that the alliance website earn money easily, without much effort, a man in the middle, to earn the difference, and so more people start advertising alliance, and now the flood of advertising alliance.

, Ding Tao division believes that the value of the existence of advertising alliance is not to solve the number of webmaster livelihood, nor is it digested how much advertising, how much to create the show. And the value of its existence lies in the platform, the most healthy development mode of Advertising Association is the platform, the advertising alliance that the Internet needs is a platform providing information, exchanging the needed goods and supplying and complementing each other. Perhaps all of the two words platform is not too cold, which I give an inappropriate example: Zhang San and Li Sizhu street, Zhang San is selling vegetables, and Lee four want to buy food, but do not know the three Zhang Li four want to buy food at the same time, Lee did not know Zhang San in the vegetables four. Zhang San suffers from the fact that the food can not be sold, Li Si suffers from wanting to buy food, but does not know where to buy it. Thus, the relationship between supply and demand is formed, but there is no market (platform) to solve this supply and demand. Finally, this street supporting the square built a good, three dishes in the square to sell four Li, walk the streets, finally saw the vegetables three, and the successful completion of the transaction. However, more surprises are still behind, Zhang San not only through the square stall to sell them to Li Si, but also to other people; and Zhang San Lee four not only to buy a dish, but also to the king of five stalls to buy oil, Zhao Liu booth to buy cloth.

, in this case, it is clear that the square is equivalent to the advertising union I’m talking about today. Through this alliance, you can buy and sell products or services. This example is not finished, then someone found the square well, the annual rent management fees can earn a lot, so the whole street have become "square" after a period of time, many residents of the street on the morning of the door and found the door is outside the food stalls, shouting voices, and the price ratio in the square to buy cheaper. Many people began to buy food when they went out, and saved the effort to go to the square. Later, more and more stalls were set up in front of the residents’ homes, which caused the oversupply, and gradually these stalls fell

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