Analysis foreign trade vertical direction is appropriate

found it interesting to know the problem. I do not do foreign trade, but engaged in vertical electricity supplier related work, want to have a common environment, but only foreign trade enterprises are more detailed and more restrictions.

is the first to answer the question: is the vertical electricity supplier in the end there is no future? I think this is not a problem, from the Amazon to the Jingdong, who is not vertical born? Apparently promising, promising! The real problem is that now Amazon or Jingdong such as Taobao super comprehensive business platform to dominate the political arena under the condition of vertical electric small living space has been greatly squeezed, not good to do, the future is to continue to dig deep vertical, or to the integrated development of


vertical electricity supplier how to squeeze the living space, nothing more than two aspects of procurement and sales. Most vertical suppliers of plates is not large, Limited sales, and therefore limited bargaining power with suppliers. The comprehensive electricity supplier in procurement is the stress, regardless of the actual sales platform to flow to draw a piece of the pie, forcing suppliers to the lowest purchase price. In the sales price, a comprehensive electricity supplier usually take the cheap route, both domestic and foreign, so will the store experience products online consumer business entities with this trend. Target, a large department store in the United States, has even begun to use special bar codes for goods to prevent price comparisons among users. The small vertical electricity supplier, there is no way to stop the user’s parity, sales can only lower prices. Between sales and gross profit, two choose one, high cost, low price, of course, it will be difficult to survive.

but there is not vertical electric by double sniper purchase and sales of an example?. Colleagues upgraded Iphone5 to go with a telephoto lens that was purchased at Photojojo.


I look at the price, he is shocked, because of similar products in the Amazon Marketplace is usually not more than 20 knife.


asked her why she didn’t buy it at Amazon. She replied, "really? Oh, there are so many funny little things on Photojojo that I didn’t even want to go to Amazon to see.". Amazon is a big seller, but not the only seller in the world. And the biggest problem of comprehensive large electricity supplier is, because SKU is too much, product category is too complete, not all category products have sufficient information. This includes the relevant products, user evaluation, supplier information, customer service and so on, and this is the vertical electricity supplier’s strengths. Although the products sold are the same, the user experience is different. Even though Photojojo’s product is nearly double the price of AmazonMarketplace, it’s a difference of more than 10

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