Help each other is really rookie talk about webmaster quality and collaboration spirit

website QQ name shortly after the establishment of the first page of Baidu is still ranked the top 5, in order to reduce the directory under the impatient series, to Baidu included, in June 26th in the evening on the website of the overall "strike hard", the heart is very afraid, but I do not know why the heart is always in a hurry, maybe this is my lack of novice. Lingering fear spent a night, continued until July 10th, Baidu snapshot has been in June 26th, and in July 11th, snapshot is July 3rd. Hey. It’s crying. It’s killing me. Ranking flow is gone.

was in a hurry. After inquiry, said to find the best quality chain, and there is constantly updated. Don’t copy, it’s best to make original. Tough,


and then find links, and I find links are large keywords, traffic high, pR high. To find the N, more than taking broken, but I didn’t lose a webmaster should have dignity, do not do, I thank you, please reply me QQ message, please don’t ignore my existence.

had previously found a cricket brother Post said he is very good, there is a super station, I will try holding the mentality with his QQ.

and I just said connection did not think of a word good cricket brother. You are welcome。。 It’s done.. PR ranking, he did not ask me, it did, faster than mine.


continues looking for connections. Fansyang?


wow, what a beautiful site. What about the fellow villagers?. Added a connection? In a word, OK


added, I thought a lot. Does the Internet make the survival of this world is smaller, you should take all the others look like shit and to their enemies, some owners said I have traffic, I will seo. a person I can do, I don’t need anyone to help me, yes, I admit that some webmaster, but I also feel a little sad, the webmaster is how? Heads? Is not a station to do a long time become withdrawn pride? Get out of communicative competence? Become isolated? Become petrified? Become conceited? In fact, you made a big mistake, and communication is the most basic, do not know how to use the interpersonal ability to develop their own time, money will go far, the friendship will go away from you, the last sentence: to help others is to help yourself.

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