mproper website revision leads to drop weight experience

before the Olympic Games on their to do a comprehensive revision, because the former version often have loopholes, but due to lack of experience, lead to drop right! Slowly learning experience, out for everyone to share, we want to help


one, first check what Google pages in the web site ranking, or other search engine rankings better.

for the already ranked web pages, these pages can not be deleted or revised, URL page here, and even on the content of the web page, do not arbitrarily change.

two, do not change the site’s URL.

site of the original URL rules, do not easily change. You can add new URL rules, but don’t make changes to the original URL transformation. If the original URL rules change, then the search engine has been included in the address of the page will be all invalid. This is a fatal blow to the web site. You can see one of the June 2, 2008 articles by URL, the most important of all.

three, do not change the site structure.

, if the original site on the search engine has good performance, then in this site revision, do not easily change the site structure. If the original site in the search engine performance is not good, it needs in this site revision, directly determine the structure of the site.

four, keep the old version of the website data.

After the release of the new

site, the old version of the site will be kept on the server for a while and a link to the old version of the site’s interface will be available.

five, SEO boot update.

after the new version of the site on-line, as soon as possible to search engine spiders crawling information on the website. How can you quickly let the search engine spiders visit, you can through the following points to guide:

1. Adding external links to web sites. Extensions to external links should not only emphasize quantity, but also focus on quality.

two, submit XML sitemap,

shortens the site’s transition time by speeding up the speed of search engine spiders.

six and 404 pages.

website revision will inevitably cause some page address failure, for web design a user experience good 404 pages, facing the site failure page navigation, reduce the user can not touch the page. At the same time, the maintenance of SEO effective links is required.

think Europe friendship reminds:

site revision of the previous research work is very important. How can the smooth revision, does not cause the search engine the intense fluctuation. If you don’t have a professional SEO team within your organization, you’d better consult a professional SEO company

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