t’s better to use your website as a time to complain

the computer broke down the other day and it took ten dollars to fix it today. The money for the flower is still to be spent.

for several days without on-line, and suddenly found a lot of stations are K, and also includes some profitable good station, the mistake appears in a very idiotic link. A domain name space business did not renew, then all use alias resolution stations all hang up. Many stations in front of another error, PR just into 0, this time more stations Baidu included as 0. Change the link station customer service every day with me which station open, customers also request a return…… Really like a friend told me, who bitter, who knows.

always after the update in the PR began to complain, began to grumble, with a friend that day on the loss of thousands of thousands of. A long time on the habit, and how much money lost, lost consciousness, have become a habit, because money is not ours, but we earned.

concluded that the biggest loss of time for complaining and complaining was that the time needed to restore the station and create new sites or spend it on the customer would be of great benefit. So try not to make any low-level mistakes. If you do, don’t complain. Use your time to maintain and restore the station. Use it in valuable things.

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