Don’t be a forum

forum like this now I’m really scared. To me at this time of the vicissitudes of life to forgive his young frivolous and ignorance. There are many things to say. Please let me describe.

I began to establish energy-saving forum from 05 years, experienced a period of several times destroyed several times on 2008.2.14 reconstruction, I once again established. Maybe I found again is a mistake. Somehow, now thought to give up.

looking back, I have done all this is why. If energy-saving forum can develop, dare not expect, the first ten person often enough. But not now. There will be a short time. Even if there are ten people and can do what, I can’t think of. Even if there are hundreds of people how can a forum does not have its own characteristics it is not climate. As in the past dynasties in a change dynasties, not for a long time. The most difficult is that only one person I was lonely and lonely. But here in the forum I have in mind that thousands of people’s forum. It seems that I was greedy.

again said the forum Wangzhuan, not familiar with the forum regulars to point your advertisement. Even if the daily post more than 100 a day how much IP. can have much income. If you do that in forums are just doesn’t matter. If it is to do Wangzhuan, what also don’t do forum is to give up the transition. Still lonely. The right hand left hand pain, pain is hurt. I like the palm of the hand. The QQ head perennial is grey. Without the slightest color. Not that I am unwilling to you because I can’t face flashing. I couldn’t think of what to do to attract visitors. I can’t think of what to keep visitors on the altar. Fine paper is reproduced, the picture is reproduced in the forum, the forum is reproduced in the music video, the forum is reprinted,

only my own words is original. But is with my own words and full of people making a fuss. If you talk rubbish to keep the guests to watch the station some more, why come here. It is better to watch a movie entertainment. What some people say I like my website the character is not stable, I am more and more convinced of this sentence. The website is like a dream in my hesitation. I do not know when will be broken up as.

to find an adjective, sad, sad, disappointed, sad, sad, finally will sorrow. Oh, do not know what to express, not the text is so. Not a chapter, not by common sense, I do not know when the unknown so.

has ended.

energy-saving [Http://] I always hurt!

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