Electricity supplier operators not pure technology more absolute thinking is the benchmark

said the business operation, estimated that many bosses are TP and Taobao second and so-called experts to fool the confused, feel the Taobao business, is actually a very technical work, but only to implement the operation of the Jingdong, Taobao, and other electricity providers, said the root, is the main business, new technology brings electronic channels such as through bidding, Taobao and SEO are just marketing thinking incidental to the operation.

for the most simple example, presumably there are still a lot of people, many bosses and business practitioners, still blind competitors, this product what word come? What word transformation? Then I don’t want to go to the operation, to promote, in accordance with the hot search words of others. Go to the optimization of thermal conversion words.

this way, most of the others words hit high for you to catch up, click on the word low price to your slobber, train the click rate optimization of Taobao search and Tmall search, stunning

let you at a lossThe example of

core is very ordinary, I want to say is that network marketing, especially in the electricity supplier, indeed most lack of execution, the lack of hard work, but if you do not move the head to think, then just silly toil hard, just know, not what difference. "


" then, the electricity supplier operators to think about what? What is the benchmark we go to operate


boat to listen to friends sharing, coupled with the actual operating experience summary, sleep has the following five questions:

1, how many people do you see in this category (including two categories, such as blouses and blouses)? How many people are there every day? How many people do they deal with?

know these, you will understand how much you market capacity, you and your competitors to grab many people? Your product attributes the main push, how the month sales in Tmall Taobao on Sunday? You know these, you can at least know your potential prospects how?

if your product attributes, on Sunday the demand of the poor, not the user demand and category of love, you are all the hot words on the heap, you feel useful? Some train Montana can boast, I can put these words to burn 2 cents / click, click rate is up, but not the people want products, transformation inevitable difference to death, your ROI is dismal poor

2, what kind of people are they? What about age, identity, sex, work,


don’t think most people see the boat a commonplace talk of an old scholar, these necessary? Who knows, to buy things at Taobao were the office what the age must be between 18-26 and IT, what occupation, so if you want to, and I say now is poor if you do not say what.

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