Geng Jie suggested webmaster how to operate the website

Hello I’m Geng Jie, today for the first time in the Admin5 submission through was enthusiastic editor, I feel very happy, I hope my article can help more people, like my happy net as computer can help many computer users.

many grassroots webmaster in the operation of the site, most will experience such a few stages:

stage 1: full of confidence, full of energy,


phase of the webmaster is the strongest fighting, may be because of a creative can’t sleep a night may be several days for a continuous creative work, full of confidence, come to mind their own future, a good.

second stage: no earnings, negative emotions,

this stage station is most likely to give up, then your website may run for a few months and even some one or two years, the website has not visited, not to mention what advertising revenue, at this time the webmaster is a common heart, is when the site after the bottleneck in the psychological, feel why isn’t hard to see the effect, every day looking at those sites, some owners even began to hate their own website.

third stage: change mindset, go back on the road,

experienced a setback No one shows any interest in the webmaster, I think a lot of mature, treat some things have become more calm, those without perseverance webmaster may begin his new construction, may directly switch on, but left to stationmaster must be changed their attitude, not because of how much of the collected every day, how much traffic, how much income or joy or sorrow, is more practical to the user experience and content, the owners have the ability to deal with the difficulties of success can be


above several stages don’t know, see this article webmaster have experienced, younger brother operation happy computer network officially entered the third stage.

so how do you run a web site,


first: straighten out the mind, calmly do stand

station is the world’s most difficult occupation, every day there is no law of life, basically is trapped to death before going to sleep, to sleep sleepy also awake state, I Geng Jie or a high school student in the school, only need to stay up late to get up early than others, while it can realize the update site, but at home I will be very hard work, thought can make money, in fact the opposite, every day I was not sick to make money through the medical expenses, the daily mood by search engines, others see the website return so good, envy, but please remember, they are engaged in how many years have passed your website, at this stage, you do website is the original web site, you can see the web site, you can not suddenly made him, the development of the Internet is very Come on, but it’ll take time too,

second: belittle gains, >

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