Four tips to make you dig the first pot of gold

entrepreneurs how to obtain important pot of gold? Here are four ways to dig the first pot of gold:

one, one craft,

said with a vast wealth, rather than have a slight skill by oneself. With this as the minimum objective is to my slight skill, their highest goal is to build up the family fortunes and a vast wealth.

Zhang Guoxi is the first billionaire in mainland China and the only entrepreneur in China to write his name on the planet so far. He was a carpenter and learned how to produce carved camphor wood boxes at a factory in Shanghai art carvings. With this craft, he got a lot of orders in Canton Fair, 20 camphor cartons, earned more than ten thousand yuan.

the first pot of gold dug, so that he put all his belongings in the traditional wood carving industry, and finally have today’s results.

Chen Yifei went to the United States, first for the museum painting, the reward is 3 dollars, 1 hours. Because of the emergence of outstanding and enter the gallery, when I heard someone bid $3000 per picture, Chen Yifei said: "I feel in the game, as if the sky fell down a pie." So that he has today’s visual industry.

: no craft, wise remark of an experienced person to learn the craft. The first is the best in the world where are you going to play, learn a Shiyibuque class skills. After mastering the skills, we must strive for excellence, develop banners in a region, and expand the region in the middle.



although Wang Zhidong has left Sina, but his "borrow ship to sea" initiative, is a very successful example.

Wang Zhidong in 1993 four to finance 5 million Hong Kong dollars, founded four Liberia, and later, four SRS on SinaNet network merger, renamed sina. In 1999, it raised $25 million internationally, and later raised $60 million to DELL computer and softbank. 2000, NASDAQ listed, financing opened new horizons.

: Mr. wise remark of an experienced person Xunzi had concluded: "Yu Ma sham, non-profit foot, and thousands of miles; false vessels, non water can also, and the vast rivers. The gentleman is not born, but also good, false in things also."

three, capture opportunities,

this example is Yang Huaiding in Shanghai, said Yang million. It should be said that his first pot of gold came from an off-site transaction of Treasury bills. Signs are seen in Shanghai, 108 yuan to buy, 113 yuan to sell, 4 hours earned 800 yuan.

he said: "after earning, I began to fantasy, in the field 108 yuan buy back, to Shanghai 112 yuan to sell."."

didn’t do it. He immediately went to Hefei, where the difference between Treasury bills and Shanghai was 30 yuan. Two days, he earned 6000 yuan. He thought he had found a way to dig a gold mine".

: find opportunities > wise remark of an experienced person

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