Where is the personal stationmaster’s way out

    personal webmaster brilliant maybe very hard after, because of a single model, weak marketing, personal website into a dead end: the construction of website content, website promotion, filling get traffic, advertising. With more and more personal website, homogenization phenomenon is serious, the contents of the old, rigid mode, website style is difficult to emerge, even if occasionally get some unstable traffic and users, also bring real benefits how to master.

      the importance of personal website on the Internet is self-evident, it is difficult to grow, but also in the business model is too old, in the eyes of many webmaster, personal website business model in advertising, in the homogenization of the situation. Therefore, individual owners need to transition, to provide more unique features, unique services, in order to continue the glorious era of the webmaster.

      a respectable e-commerce model is, on the one hand, e-commerce is not saturated, a huge potential for development, can be said to be the next sunrise industry; on the other hand, mature business model, doing well can bring considerable revenue for the webmaster friends; third, the service has a certain uniqueness and the barriers to competition, to avoid the homogenization of competition.

      1. E-commerce potential unlimited

      although Taobao’s trading volume reached a record $99 billion 960 million in 2008, it still accounted for only 1% of the country’s total retail sales. In addition, in the country’s more than 200 million Internet users, the real e-commerce users only about half. As a result, both from sales and from coverage, it is far from saturated.

      although taobao.com can do the industry No1, but Taobao such a comprehensive online shopping platform can not meet all the needs of high efficiency, professional demand will still be the birth of a number of small and medium-sized e-commerce platform, which provides the opportunity for the small owners.

      two; e-commerce platform and personal website integration

      e-commerce platform and personal website has a lot in common, low construction costs, focusing on promotion, once the convergence of popularity, you can create an endless stream of value. And personal website is the same, e-commerce platform can also be a good integration of BBS, CMS, SNS and other services, so it seems that e-commerce platform fully with all the functions of personal websites.

      compared to personal websites, e-commerce platform is out of the way, so the owners may wish to transition to personal e-commerce, and the sooner the better. We can even put >

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