Unemployed college students; the lives of mediocre grassroots entrepreneurs

in July 2007, carrying the endless nostalgia for university life, reluctantly left the university that has been with me for many years and entered the society. Rented a house in the center of the city, and began the same trilogy as most people: rent a house, find a job, make money, during which sad, only know.

because family conditions are not very good, and there is no social relationship, so in addition to the community must rely on their own, from the first day out of school, I told myself, do not want a penny at home. The job is hard to find, so you don’t have to say it, but you have to be familiar with computers and networks in school and have a free forum. By virtue of their network to understand that at that time into the Internet companies do telephone marketing, the main products are Yahoo agent for search and the shutters, after more than a week to start training, job is to call the customer, do not ask people to do Yahoo advertising, my Mandarin is yes but he is a introverted person, also began to just barely looked to contact customers casually call each other, of course, mood is good or bad, finally also contacted several customers, the manager also said there is trust me to do good, to take with me, said this time I know your heart is not suitable for doing this, it is not suitable for more than that is not love this job, he is training people wisdom people and communication skills, but his heart is very uncomfortable, perhaps is The decision, every day do work, heart is always empty, toss about for almost a month, I still quit the hard to find work, a salary did not go, to.

was my college classmate friend came back from Beijing, said to come back for work here, so two people looking to find a home, just started to discount network company, selling a discount to their card, monthly salary to 1000, erhuamoyue went to the house, they said just graduated are compared the ideal man, you know my first company to the basic salary of 400+ commission. But when we found this card in the market is very slow after work, every day we tried various ways to engage in activities to do publicity, every day with two legs to run down the high streets and back lanes, skinned and say good words, and finally even the girlfriend also get help, but due to various reasons the company itself, we have little effect. Even more depressing is because we are a small company, our wages are ruthlessly dragged on, I asked said no money, we have no results, finally we all vanish like soap bubbles, more than 2 months, their own meals, take a bus to spend their own money for other people do, I finally points people fare or, tossing to and fro for almost 3 months, all expenses are their own, and do not want to do, the boss also said cheekiness you go first, I’m trying to get money, we Then you know, he did not intend to give, we only sell the card money, several times I almost nauseated him a face, but this is the society, you can only accept, that is to say graduation from more than 4 months, I did not earn a penny also owed a debt ass, then lost and helpless it is conceivable that this.

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