What do we rely on to be masters of SEO

What exactly does

SEO rely on,


one, the change of the chain

in the past, the optimization of the site is very simple, depending on the signature of the BBS, you can put the site ranking up, but now it’s different. With the development of Internet and the development of search technology, more and more enterprises are optimized. Recently, Baidu have a new action, launched a new algorithm, called Scindapsus algorithm, mainly for some soft outside the chain. But pay attention to a point, a soft Wen can not appear in a large number of different websites, so it will be considered as garbage chain. The reason is that some people in order to save, copy and paste directly, if you want the text, the best is to write an original article.

two, links

about the links, do we know? When exchanging links, we have to pay special attention to the other side of the website, site refers to the home page is on the first page. But experienced friends say it is normal for the site directive home page if it is not in the first place.

three, website original article writing

1, in writing original articles, for some people, may be more difficult. But we can collect information, see information, enrich our minds. Can watch the video or watch some news things, so that after processing, such an original article about the idea of a good.

2, you can find some optimization related articles, and then in accordance with their own understanding, to rewrite.

3, according to the latest news reports to write things, so that more with the times, looks like a social hot spot.

four, be creative,

on the Internet now, free and pay a lot, especially free of charge, better, as long as the intentions of learning, free of charge can learn. It seems that those free technologies are out of date and not very useful. Common signature, the chain, classification information, because Baidu has begun to pay attention to these, no creativity, Baidu’s search engine will not like it. For good optimization, you have to play a little fun and creative stuff.

We all know that SEO

, more and more bad, SEO are in the end how long? In previous times, maybe they can do well, but with the changes of the situation and the time, their requirements are increasingly high, but no matter how, as long as we constantly enrich themselves, how to change the time also, we will be successful, do well.

How did the

SEO master make


SEO we are no strangers, but it’s hard to be a master. Being a master must have many conditions, but the basic sensitivity to the data. If even this is not qualified, then want to be >

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