The website is not recorded be shut how to restore the ranking after the shortest time

site is not recorded, after the resumption, how to recover the shortest possible time

unfortunately, my site of Yuyao forum, was shut in the storm last month in the record, he was very sad, but also can only obey the arrangement, closed the station for the record, and then is a long wait, the record is fairly smooth, after 20 days of

record down, but Baidu has put site home page to K out, only a few post pages, but after my efforts home third days to be released within a week, ranking rose to second place, because

was the first 7 years old station, so it was hard to surpass at the moment. Here I share my personal experience:

1: after the resumption of the record, of course, is the first time to restore site access.

2: try to find high PR site link, you can also buy this on your own popularity, can single is better, while the home page must be updated every day Oh, so you can ensure the link will be climbed.

3: hang the address of the website signature, go to some high PR5, high weight BBS send a post, for example, behind the times, Admin5, webmaster nets, lead spider, this more.

4: to update your website, Baidu does not love does not update the site to update your site in the recovery after the hard working, the best of all is the original, if not original, false original or change the title and the first paragraph.

5: of course, is waiting to be included, and generally done, as above points, certainly within a week will be included, because because the record is not in the real sense of being K, but temporarily hidden bale oh.

here to share some of their immature experience, I hope all because the records are closed web sites can soon out of the haze, on the right track, let us create a beautiful Internet sky.

at the same time borrow this article to get acquainted with Yuyao around the webmaster, my small station is: Yuyao forum,, reprint, please retain copyright, thank you ^_^

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