Should be done step by step the usual management should pay attention to the problem

many friends know that site easy to stand difficult, casually download a web site, the template does not need to change, directly tied domain name, upload space on the good. But the next promotion and regular updates, maintenance of the site part, you think of ease,


we should be careful and careful to do the following when we maintain the website at ordinary times,

first. Every day when you login to your site before, to use some "killing Trojan software, give your site for testing, to see if there was illegal intrusion system horse operation. If you can’t find the software for killing you, you can also visit the website backstage, view the site template page have appeared strange URL and code and so on, first of all to ensure the safety of users, if your site has been linked to horse, users will hate! Trojan horse is now the most afraid of users


second. Check links. In fact, many of my friends would ignore this point! Because Baidu will K station action in different time every day, your station is not that K is lucky, but does not represent the others don’t stand by K! Because you want to check Links there by Baidu K site yes, once removed, to avoid being dragged down


third. Site Baidu number included! This has many friends that should not often site, but we are diligent to go to the site, may know when Baidu included on the site reduced. This can effectively allow us to review what we have done in the end, so that Baidu included less, effectively remedy the case, you can solve the problem as soon as possible!


fourth. View user message and evaluation! You don’t think that these comments and evaluation of other useless, they are on behalf of the user suggestions and opinions, you have to do these, can let users trust, trust, maybe he will be long IP you.

fifth. Check the wrong link and unable to access the page! We can use the Google site administrator center to check their site links and cannot access the page, to help optimize the search engine and website Oh! By webmaster feeds, reproduced please keep this information


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