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dark horse brother: at the moment, in China’s streets and lanes, a total of 160 million vehicles running. When the cars were delivered to the owners’ hands, they drove into a market called "after the car". "Entrepreneur" two monthly cover with "after the car market, the wind" as the title, the industry more than 40 enterprises were interviewed, all aspects of the car after analysis of the one trillion market value and opportunities.

, "after the car market", in addition to maintenance and maintenance (details please see the public number iheima yesterday content), the used car also has great potential energy.

at the beginning of 2014, go to market net CEO Yang Yang to the company’s performance growth trend felt "no suspense"". That time, the classification information industry has been set pattern, Ganji want to go from a ten billion dollar market to a higher level, you must find a trillion yuan market. Taking into account the service industry property market, Yang from the basic necessities of life to choose a second-hand car this breakdown category.

after months of testing, Yang Haoyong believes he has found the ultimate business model for the used car trade. Yang Haoyong told the entrepreneur, after consumers do not have their old car to the 4S shop and cattle, handed over to the market used car, it can be sold directly to consumers.

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in other words, VC and industry heavyweights generally not optimistic, entrepreneurs generally optimistic about the C2C, Yang Haoyong think is feasible. However, the person who completed the task of cutting the middle part of the industry chain, Yang Haoyong, thought it was probably his own. For a long time, the second-hand car auction was a source car business. Who can supply the most used cars, who can occupy the best position in the industry chain?. In view of the fact that China’s institutional vehicle sources are still not climatic, in China, car sources are more common consumers who own a car and want to change to another car. In other words, the C side of the flow is large, who finally in the C side car source to win the possibility of large, and the market network traffic, brand can not be underestimated.

in order to deal with those complicated offline trading process, the market used car will also set up 1000 level team in 2015. In order to accelerate the pace of development, the market used car sector monthly budget, directly approved by Yang Haoyong. Beepi, the American benchmark for market used cars, has melted into $82 million 700 thousand, valued at over $200 million. Yang plans to spend $100 million on the used car in the fair. The market of second-hand car has begun carrying Hao Yang Chung: "when we look forward to a month trading volume to 10 thousand, we are the annual turnover of ten billion yuan of the company. 100 thousand, that is, one hundred billion companies." Of course, there is a sense of urgency, and Yang will be in place to make sure it works".

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