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is now almost no food, pocket only 6 pieces of 9 cents, just feel this winter is very cold, early when a friend told me that the site is now people will starve to death, really feel.

I often surf the Internet

06 in the school, then listen to friends that can make money on the Internet, the time a little rather baffling is how to make money on the Internet, together with my friends on the Internet, he opened a website to remember after the love of money 929 and registered a number inside and start point inside the advertisement, in a minute about to write an advertisement, I don’t know what I mean. I asked him, he said the website through your advertising and advertising alliance earn money, you point a advertising they can earn at least 5 points to 2 points one hundred cents, you will earn ten dollars,

they have hundreds of members and you say how much they can make a day, when I thought, "oh my God, a few thousand dollars a day.". I asked him to do this, you need to do a website and then had the same procedures into your space inside the can, I only know what all don’t know what is the website, how to do also need what is not clear, it is very curious about the Internet when the starting point of their advertising is almost more than 10 days inside the point has more than 10 dollars, that is a surprise and joy is very happy, but how can I get the money I began to worry about this problem, look carefully inside transactions need Alipay, I don’t know how to get my friend asked him that you apply for a Alipay and Internet banking bound, they get the money to you and then you go to the office inside Alipay Alipay money bank card inside OK, was very excited, be free to open a door to get a net Silver, actually received the money, their confidence in Wangzhuan have promoted several times, then began to ask him how to do the site, then just need a space and domain names and other procedures, and they don’t know. Should be for their own learning, not computer knowledge, but a car repair, on the network know nothing, only the Internet, playing games, chat, other is not clear. In the school there are a few months in the summer vacation, often go to the Internet cafe, slowly understand site knowledge, feel the Internet money too much, just like my parents said to buy Computer telling them what to do, they agreed, very happy. Contact the computer school friends to buy a computer with me, when he is on the computer only know what configuration a little fur, which is to ask a computer idiot Oh, much better than me, computer configuration is: CPU AMD2800+ 512 level two cache memory card 128M 128 hard disk 80G, on the 3300 August 06 with the ocean. After I get home computer installed or installed cable please don’t know what’s so muddleheaded get a computer installed cable, computer idiot do very Speechless, results are not to busy business computer system broke their gas to cry the virus does not know how to do, often non system card. To call others is a reduction let me restore what others say I do more than a half.

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