QQ group for local websites do brand promotion

himself is very poor in writing, and this is the first time I have written experience. I don’t write very well, but I can tell how I did it.

in advance, to say, my stop is a Shijiazhuang forum, the site name is "two acres of land."". Now I will say that I is how to promote "the name of two acres of land in Shijiazhuang. The purpose is to let all Shijiazhuang people know that there are "Shijiazhuang two acres of land" this site, mixed face cooked. Of course, some people will search from Baidu, of course, I stand in the first row. URL: http://s.ermudi.com

1, in Baidu search "Shijiazhuang QQ group", out a post, there are hundreds of Shijiazhuang QQ group.

2, one by one, more than 100, and probably added two hours, of course, some do not add, but most, as long as the group is not full, can still be added.

3, modify the name in the group "* Shijiazhuang two acres of land" (note the front of a *), introduced as: "Shijiazhuang two acres of land, Shijiazhuang’s hottest forum.".

Note: the name of the

group to name his promotion, not for anything else, just to mix a familiar face, let Shijiazhuang people know "the website of Shijiazhuang two acres of land", preceded by *, so his name in the group will be routed to the front, as long as the open group will be able to see to the opening of the QQ space, which will be closer to the top row.

4, say a word casually in the group, otherwise it is too likely to be kicked out of the group.

5, modify the group message settings, block all group messages, and save them on the server.

6, completed, so that every day there will be thousands of people in Shijiazhuang to see "Shijiazhuang two acres of land" this word, know "Shijiazhuang two acres of land" the existence.


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