Say became grassroots webmaster these three years

become a blink of an eye, everyone said the grassroots webmaster has been 3 years, in the past three years has done a lot of electronic commerce, station, station, novel forum to do a lot, but always earn what money, are now in the hands of the left two recruitment website (Shenyang talent network, Liaoning talent network still to do this, two stations including Shenyang talent network has done two years. Two years flash passed, the site from the initial search is not income, and now search Shenyang talent network ranked second, but so far there is no income, super depressed. These are not the first to say, from the beginning, I tell you about my three years of experience.

three years ago, I just contacted the Internet from the domain name. One day a little girl call me on my mobile phone, I don’t know her (super fudge kind) how do you know my phone, I do not know how to give her fooled, head into the station in this nest, until now has not come out. The little girl is the Ming nets of miss service, I was introduced to the domain name. After she says so, I just know that the domain name registration is such a thing, I used to think that this domain name can only be registered abroad. Although the Internet for several years, from the university that will play on the Internet, but never heard over this thing called "corn", the Internet is not playing the game is to see what the story, anyway, not doing the kind of entertainment.

ha ha, come out, please don’t laugh at me. Flicker, flicker, give her a flicker of the hand, and now think I am his prey. She let me know the "corn" is so rich. Ah, CN m, COM m the most hateful or the Chinese domain, a mother of 280, was possessed by ghosts again and again like money, registered a is said to be able to return China tens or hundreds of times super meter. Several times after we became familiar with friends, I also work the old invite her to dinner, my unit in their home on the edge, just passing through their company (oh estimate the little girl behind again don’t know how to say I am silly hat, small * * * or something).

domain name is not then I will give her fooled into the ranks of the station, I registered a Yiwu commodity network Chinese domain name on that day, she and I said you so much the best domain name do several stand up, or put in there, I think it is a waste. I told her I would not stand, she and I said it does not matter, their company will be established, but also give me a lot of concessions. As a result, once again the order, thousands of oceans on so again, because I was in Yiwu, so I thought about whether it is possible to do a small commodity network in Yiwu. Just run back and forth and many times, finally I first stood up, with the Chinese domain, and from that they bought space and spent several thousand, now that I think are funny, Chinese domain and dozens of M buy space, so the station can do it. Results

said that today

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