The impact of actual 301 redirect technology on search engines


theory to understand more, than the actual operation of the application to experience more valuable today, according to the 301 permanent redirect the experience to talk to you about the effect of a 301 redirect to the search engine, after everyone in the face of this situation, can also advance to good solutions, hoping to bring new some help, wrong place also hope to master.

begins by telling you about the 301 redirection Technology:

The permanent removal of

pages (301 redirects) is a very important technique of automatic steering. 301, redirect can promote the search engine optimization effect, from the point of view of search engine optimization, 301 redirect is the most feasible method of Web site redirection. When the site’s domain name is changed, the search engines to index only on the new site, while the external links shown the original old address transfer to the new address, so as not to let the website ranking changes because the site received the slightest impact. Similarly, when using 301 permanent redirection commands to allow multiple domains to point to the main domain of the site, they do not have any negative impact on the site’s ranking.

I think this theory is now obsolete. The last time a large number of SEO 301 and 302 technical workers abuse of cheating, such as the two level domain name redirection to high weight website, improve the ranking and GOOGLE PR, this is not what happens, the search engine is now on redirection technology not friendly, so in considering the redirection we must consider carefully before whether this is necessary, the following data:

redirection website target site is pc5566 this domain name is an old station, the search engine included a number of good keywords ranking first in millions of data, such as the "Pacific Software" and so on, and the domain name is a new domain name, that is to say the weight is 0.


Baidu appears to be cold in 301, do not know is not read or technical problems in Baidu site: included for 0 but and close to 100 records, this lets the author wonder, such as two channel and included a good collection, two domain names not included in the domain name, this kind of thing the search engine can not find the answer, the more bizarre is that although pc5566 has been set up in 301, but Baidu will be updated, the content is displayed in the content of, these problems, it seems that the only consulting Baidu to get the answer,

test results: Baidu is slow to respond to 301.



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