Stationmaster wants to learn innovation open the train of thought can decide the outlet of the web

this article is mainly about how to use innovative mode, innovative propaganda model to operate their own website, and can achieve a certain success rate. There is a strange phenomenon in the Internet industry, that is, copying, adding, copying and copying other websites, and copying other successful websites. But only to other people, it can bring you success? This copy of the site there are many such as: the movie station fire, a large number of owners began to do video website; HAO123 fire, began navigation times; now the network group purchase as money, and a large number of owners began to do many such examples of group purchase station. But there are a few can imitate success, if you really want me to say one, then I think Tencent is a good choice.

may now have a webmaster to ask me, if not to imitate others, how to call innovation, innovation is not an easy thing, how can we have our own innovation like our little webmaster?. Then I can only say that innovation is not necessarily global innovation, can be partial innovation. Next, let’s analyze how some sites apply good local innovation.

55BBS are not unfamiliar to many webmaster, is a very successful forum, remember he is just a forum, look at how many domestic forums, many owners in the business forum, so once by three people who do not understand the Internet why operate this forum, is that they do the positioning of innovation, in my hometown Wenzhou City, the Internet is not developed, but there are dozens of forums, and then I found that the contents of the forum is basically the same, only a few large forum a little difference, the other are the same, then Wenzhou is no one like the 55BBS forum, why not do the webmaster, but choose to do some unnecessary only a few friends, playing the death forum, but also the domain name fee, service fee. I believe it’s useful to move 55BBS’s innovation model to other cities. This is a case of positioning innovation. The same forum, as long as the model changed, his success rate will be much higher.

again said a promotion tactics of the case, I have a friend, he has to work for many hours, so one does not need to care what he did for Taobao customers, is a very common site, in addition to his daily optimization, a promotion department also think henzhao. When his Taobao customers have a certain discharge, he went to Taobao to find several good sales business, and then talk to them, give them free website advertising, do not charge Commission, and give a few good position, then as long as the manager of each shipment will be a Taobao customer promotional card inside the product together to send it out, and really have a little help, he later told me about this thing, I think a lot of other small owners, is not can refer to this promotion, the first second do not have money, he can directly face these third friends, you can also tell you the site to find related products based on cooperation the positioning of your site. In fact, when you are doing the same thing, you see who is the first to break through. This >

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