Expectation satisfaction transcendence and refusal of users

for the needs and expectations, I understand this: user expectations are the level of demand, and expectations are the assumption that the user meets the requirements.

, for example:

friends to recommend a song "Zhang San" in three as boundless as the sea and sky, through the search engine to a website, his expectation is to find the download link to download the > > leave the site.

meets expectations

if the site provides downloads, it should help Zhang San as much as possible to complete the task in the shortest possible time. After Zhang San finished the download, the songs he downloaded were just what he wanted and the download speed was satisfactory. Zhang San’s expectations are met, the website can get:

1, if Chang three wants to listen to songs next time, it is likely not to visit the site directly through the search engine, and the site has the opportunity to convert it into a long-term user.

2 three may introduce his friend to this website.

beyond expectations

Zhang San is expected to the website to download "" but this is as boundless as the sea and sky, his real needs? Maybe not, maybe he just want to listen to this song, but he thought he should meet the needs to download him.

if this website tells Zhang three, we can download not only, but still can listen here online, and the speed is not card. Zhang San is satisfied. Forget it, I won’t download it.

further, the website tells Zhang three, beyond’s song as well as "the earth", "glorious years"… The popular songs now are "blue and white porcelain", "the old man and the sea"… Zhang San felt the discovery of the new world, so he kept the site in his favorite and often came here to listen to songs.


Although the website can download "

" but we found that as boundless as the sea and sky, the site did not meet the three expectations, but the solution to his needs, because the solution to Zhang San’s website is better than his hypothesis.

refuses to expect

if the website is a music community, it mainly provides the exchange and sharing of music information, provides audition, but does not allow downloading. The website should let Zhang San know in the shortest possible time: here can not download, but can…

if Zhang San’s bottom line is to download to the local, then OK, Zhang three temporarily not your target user, politely sent it out.

many websites are trying to retain the user, at the cost of "confusion" and "cheat" users, fill more information, to do more to end user clicks, while the left side Aguirre, such a "rogue soliciting" everywhere in reality.

good design should know how to refuse!


expected changes

at first, everyone went online to find music

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