Do standing the relationship between power and bragging

if this year, for the webmaster, what is the most missing, I think it should be a variety of sensational news. Just a few days time, 2 big news, Baidu is black, Google want to go, the former all applaud, and the latter one to retain the sound. Visible, Baidu is increasingly lack of webmaster’s heart, although Google lost the market, but I believe in the position of our webmaster mind, but constantly improve. People often say that the people have the world, it seems that if Google can continue, turn over, it is sooner or later, people’s hearts, the hearts of the people is the most powerful. Element does not know, this just stands on the subjective intention of our stationmaster, and the Internet is a place that is hit by the actual strength actually.

yesterday I told a netizen talked about the Internet, Baidu was black, but that he should know. I asked him, "Google may be leaving China, you know?" he said rather plain, "I don’t know.". Perhaps for our webmaster, Google is human, but in the face of ordinary entertainment people, Google seems too professional. Or simply not into their mainstream. So whether Google goes or not, their mood is very stable.

visible, Baidu in China’s deep-rooted, strong strength, brand precipitation is how deep, so those ordinary users, not Baidu can not. That’s not to blame ordinary users. They are not like us who call the discerning stationmaster? We can think about what people love most, the most famous love catch. Shopping certainly is the first choice of the largest brand. Just like buying CPU, AMD is so good, I don’t need it. I rensili, I’ll I U. Why? I don’t know. It feels like I is a lot stronger than A. We do the same thing, no matter how you do the station, others first look at your station is not big. This is the strength of the brand, is a manifestation of strength.

everyone has long realized this, and the experienced stationmaster turned to look at it. The network for so many years, as long as the regular do stand, everybody is not first want to make their own site, like the portal. Look, hey, what an air. This is the result I want, no matter he is not to engage in the portal, can the facade like? So it is concluded that SEO is the essence of what is, you can blow brag, than others, that you SEO at home. Do the station, pack first. Let your site can be big, and professional. How much is the number of subscribers and how much is the amount of visits?. Everyone believes that when you are strong, you don’t want to be strong. So, in the past few years, we made a living in the global rankings. These years, more concerned about PR. Successful Internet predators. In fact, you can look carefully, do not blow blow, how to persuade others to give you money. So people say that the essence of SEO is bragging, and not unreasonable, because the optimization can be optimized, and then see who is more able to talk about it.

some new sites, if the first can not blow, especially have no connections, is very miserable. It’s like me. I did it for 1 years, PR was 2., then I didn’t think so. >

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