nternet users need to talk about two the nternet finally solved what problem


The rapid development of

Internet brings us unimaginable convenience, and more and more Internet products meet our increasing demand.

but what does the Internet ultimately help us with,


in recent years, O2O has become the mantra of many big brothers, become a breakthrough in various enterprises to change product model, or the last rope. But O2O’s ultimate solution is still our offline problem. The Internet is just a tool.

has always spoken to my users about the three big demands of the Internet: information, communication, and trading. We have the following three aspects, on the Internet to solve the problem of what


one information

users don’t have Internet, can they understand the information?

the answer is obvious, but the problem comes, not in time, trouble, high costs and so on, and the Internet just gives us the solution of these problems, fast, convenient and free.

information can be divided into these categories: news, entertainment, information, knowledge. Either way, it’s for offline service.

news is obviously offline, so that we can better understand the combination of offline life, entertainment, entertainment, our physical and mental, let us better travel online life, knowledge is the same.

two communicate with

at the beginning of the establishment of the Internet, in order to facilitate communication, we are obviously also in order to solve the problem of offline communication.

three trading

e-commerce has become the mainstay of current Internet, more and more people because of the Internet shopping to the internet.

, for example, B2B, B2C, and C2C, just like information, the Internet makes it easier, faster and less expensive to shop.

more and more companies also appear, Jingdong, Taobao, China Network library.

by a simple analysis of the above conclusion, obviously, the Internet is just a tool, let’s line to a better life for a tool that provides convenience to our line of life, provide all kinds of support, but to really solve the problem, or through the network to solve the problem of the line we. And we are now many enterprises gradually deviated from this track, user demand is the basis of the product, while offline problems are also the reasons for the existence of the internet.

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