ndividual stationmaster outlet individual website may consider to capture fractionize industry

The development of the Internet

cannot do without the development of the Internet website, and has no room for personal website, personal website a few years ago, the domestic Internet accounted for the vast majority, personal webmaster for the domestic development of the Internet plays a very important contribution, but now with the rapid development of the Internet, more on the content and quality of the website demand began to abandon the personal website slowly. And now, is there a way out for personal websites,


in recent years in the domestic popularity of Internet and hot, a lot of money and talent influx, and some speculation concept, individual stationmaster began to slowly lose competitiveness, general industry and project is the company of team operation, and a large amount of money into them, then continue to adhere to the personal webmaster should be how to for


individual thinks: individual website can consider to capture fractionize industry, so what should we consider,


1, industry positioning

is now the hottest industry is very competitive, large companies through a lot of financing and competitors rush, and bubble too much, have a certain strength of the people should be cautious webmaster involvement, then we can approach on the competition is relatively small but there is a certain space for development of the new industry or industry segments, for minority groups to provide content and network information service.

two, professional content

segments of the industry, to provide information services for niche users, so do not need to provide a large number of comprehensive content as a large industry website, and only need to identify the needs of users, provide professional and high quality content and information, to attract users, enhance the cohesion of the website.

three, to achieve the industry first,


positioning is a niche market, so our first goal is to fully capture the breakdown of the industry, do first in this industry segment, the depth of mining industry market and user value, it can be a long time in an invincible position.

domestic Internet is a big cake, any industry segments have still has some users, as long as the content is doing fine, and the interaction between the good and the users, a long stick, will be able to accomplish something in this small market, this is also the personal webmaster can be survive in the internet.

so, since fractionize industry is one of the outlet of individual stationmaster, want to do industry first, we should undertake to industry analysis, so how should we analyse Internet industry?


in fact, whether you want to build a new website but would like to know how the industry is making money, or are you doing optimization for the client’s website and want to understand this industry, it is necessary for industry analysis, which will help you to identify their strengths and weaknesses and to understand the whole industry specific situation. The more we know about the industry, the more likely we are to seize the opportunities that other people miss.

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