Web games passion and dreams for ndustry recruits

relative to the frequent appearances in various high-end game activities on the grand, NetEase, Kingsoft, giant and other "faces", the sixth CHINAJOY first set up the game in addition to the grand, from 51wan, mop.com industry rookie "home alone". However, do not underestimate this game has not yet developed mature type, the industry expects this year’s web game growth rate will reach 70%, higher than the growth of the online game industry. Perhaps in the near future, there will be "the next Chen Tianqiao."".

Web Games fire up

CHINAJOY set up a web game of the forum that, although still in its infancy, but the web game after the rapid accumulation of last year’s brewing, enough to a real role of new forces into the high-speed road, compete in the game arena.

web game market fiery starting in 2007, because of its unique advantages, making it conceptually subvert the online game Monopoly game market situation. In 2008, web games ushered in a real high birth date. Ge Weiying, assistant president of Analysys International, said that only 3 web games were released in the first quarter of 2007, compared with more than 6 games a month in the first quarter of 2008. At the same time, the market scale and the users of Chinese web games are growing rapidly, Analysys International is expected in 2011 will account for the web game game player online game player 12%, reached 17 million 450 thousand, the market scale will reach 1 billion 240 million yuan.

A large number of small and medium-sized enterprises want to borrow

web games in the rapid growth of online games a share, investors apparently have Sakura plus. In April this year, Sequoia Capital China announced that it would invest only 8 months of web game company 51wan, which is the first webpage game invested by Sequoia Capital, and the first in the entire Chinese web game area. Some Internet games have missed the best opportunity for the development of Internet large enterprises are still lagging behind, in April, Baidu announced that the game entertainment platform on-line. The platform will launch 7 web games through joint operations, and the first partners include Shanda, Chengdu DreamWorks and other 5 game operators. In July 11th, Thousand Oaks interactive announced that it had reached a final purchase agreement with the casual web game developer pea, and Thousand Oaks purchased 10 million yuan for pea interaction.

as a new network entertainment to fill the gaps in the online game market, web games do not need to download the client, to promote the development of a relatively low cost, short development cycle, strong adaptability, so it has been widely concerned. It is not only as a small game manufacturer save his name, also contributed to Baidu, Sina had not involved in online Internet companies have been actively in this area layout, but also attracted in the grand, The9 online games such as strong business. Shanda games division CEO Li Yu said, "grand" attempt in the field of web game has achieved initial success, "China the world" has accounted for the vast majority of the current domestic web games.

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