The website was recorded three times before the lessons learned and psychological fluctuations

my site, launched from the launch to, due to lack of experience too take a lot of detours, record three times through, spent more than a month, a great impact on the website, the mood is very depressed, but now looking back, but not by filing is the inevitable result of the lack of experience. Therefore, in order to let more people avoid detours, I share my experience of this domain name for the record.

, a record of failure: "love fire tolock Hongsibu website" the origin of the name

fire tolock started from the site of origin, the author is a copycat programmer, software and web sites usually do very much, but he was never run a website, so I run a website has become my short-term goal must be achieved.

after a brief investigation found that two city portals have great potential, and the website is also less, so finally decided to do his hometown "Hongsibu" (BU) of the portal site, I believe that to make people want to give their site take a good record and the special name, of course I is no exception, what XX, XX online convenience net etc. those names website was too ordinary, finally thought of a sudden strange wife "love Hongsibu", I think this is good name, easy to remember and special, and checked the www.***.com domain name can be registered, it is day when it is geography, (this is the main reason for second failed), from the good name of the website is to do the next program, buy a domain name, buy space and so on (omitted here 200 words, hehe). And then I entered my life in hell – records;

two, the first record – website space provider explains, I can’t believe

when the later the program to the space and debug began to record, pictures, download and fill in the description, verification form (must also recharge 20 yuan), identity card is the opposite end, upload these attachments after time to fill in the name of the web site, because a good "love Hongsibu" so, fill in when didn’t want to write the name, and submit the filing materials, the day is November 8th, my bureau audit in 20 working days after the submission of tips, 20 working days really long, but there is no way, even if they say we have waited for 30 days.

wait for the result is a painful and helpless, but this time can not be idle, enrich the content at the same time because the site space business provides a top-level domain forwarding service, so I started a whoop and a holler QQ promotion, website, newspaper ads and so on (this is from think the biggest failures, will now direct publicity too anxious too inexperienced, and then record second times of great influence on the website);

website publicity has played a role in the rapid access to the volume of membership is also increasing, but because it is a top-level domain forwarding, site access is slow, unable to apply for advertising, enterprise mail no >!

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