Talking about the experience of starting a business in half a year

finally chose to leave


in April, I finally chose to leave a network company that has been working for four years. In the company to work every day is in a hurry to run to Guangzhou, in the crowded bus to work can not be fun, good mood is often crowded to the crowding out. Busy day, but do not know what to busy, every month is waiting for wages, with about 3000 of the salary, rent, utilities, the little left. Many times feel very confused, the day is like that day by day in the past, every day with the most, in addition to the computer or computer, do not know how the road back, this is a programmer’s life. I think that when a programmer will be more or less the same! A few years of life program, I feel more ordinary, remember when I graduated is so passionate in learning and working very hard, not for the other only for a few years after becoming everyone to master IT. Through the transition from ASP to.NET, I feel tired, and I don’t have the passion to learn. I never have a head. I have to admit my own ordinary and insignificant, I want to say that in my heart, I just want to say that learning skills, programmers eat enough is no problem. With the continuous increase in age, but also gradually feel that some of them are not suitable, so eventually chose to leave silently.

is looking for a new way is easier said than done


business, maybe a lot of people will think very good ah, his own boss. In fact, very early, I have had this idea, but has not been any action, just think of the wind like a dream, without any practical significance. Accustomed to working in the comfort of the company, there are a few people willing to suddenly abandon everything and start a new life. Unemployment is sometimes the best engine of action. It’s not hard to start a business, but I really appreciate it. In the beginning of entrepreneurship, the original is that the three partners to do the world together, and soon I was left with another friend. Since suddenly there was not enough capital, plans to do cowboy network sales and entity combination, and finally spent more than a month to do the cowboy web site will have to be stranded there. Find their own wages for their day is really difficult, Carrie had no surplus too much, the money did not earn the iron in fact, or to eat meal. For a time, limited into more confused state, do not know how to do well. In order to support themselves and friends, finally decided to return to the old line for the time being, continue to do the website. It took about a month to set up his own website, named unigarden network. But at the beginning, the site did not rank, there is no traffic, of course, there is no source of business. Although I was an e-commerce graduate, but after all, a few years of work time is engaged in Web site development, is completely without their own webmaster. For a website, the background is important, but the front desk interface is simple and beautiful, directly affecting the guest

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