Playful websites suffer some thoughts after DNS’s paralysis

two days without access to the Internet, the evening of May 19th at a few sites included, found reincluding, glad, open the web site to see the query to the server failed! Look, okay. Then PING took a look. Unable to parse, and thought it was HOLD again. Not for another hour. Go to CHINAZ and watch the news. It turned out that a free domain name resolution DNSPOD was attacked and immediately understood why.

although the attack was not aimed at me, I heard some news yesterday, but I didn’t expect it to be so great. DNSPOD, as well as many domestic DNS service providers and regular computer rooms, should see the impact of this incident, he used a bad example to prove that the vulnerability of the domestic network!!!


love to play pie, Tianlong eight private website has just been re included, in case of DNS was attacked this unfortunate thing, it is really should go to buy a lottery ticket. Ha-ha。

however, this attack is certainly not for me, as to who, of course I can’t write here, but a few days ago, about a week ago, I also talked with friends, I said this free DNS certainly can not carry to attack, and with a large attack over, the user will be he is sure to influence you kick, protect his most users, even if you are a VIP user, but also is only worth 200 yuan.

I want to say is the more well-known domestic DNS server, for VIP users charge only 200 yuan, it is too little, this thing should be charged by traffic. Or. Really do have junior customers, intermediate customers, big customers. Three levels. For large traffic sites, how much money should be definitely, this will certainly be popular. Because rich stationmaster absolutely won’t see 200 in the eye. Take my hand. 2000 yuan a year is more appropriate.

to this extent, there is no such thing as a few simple things.

DDOS industry itself is a complete industrial chain, has a complete relationship between supply and demand, the behavior behind the interests we cannot be ignored; in addition those broilers they control, the computer also damages the interests of users, imagine your daily use of the information inside the computer, there is no cover in their before, no privacy.

, my website’s re collection was quite predictable, but four days later than I expected. This fully explains my previous paragraph: HOLD is not terrible, terrible is not resolved.

is now re – working in the Bureau, with little time to surf the Internet during the day, or a change of life attitude will be better. One of the biggest feelings of the past few days is that when you suddenly have to sit back and relax with traditional industry routines, you find yourself switching over

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