Promotion methods of news articles from river bank trees

personal entrepreneurship webmaster very painful, I have also been very painful; after several years of wind blowing rain, I grew up.

build a website requires perseverance, need time to prove their efforts because of the earthquake; I lost everything, now I started from scratch, this time I have a personal business, I think my future will be very beautiful.

The establishment of new

Google good search records, and included Baidu hard; so what is the best way to let the website grow? Good websites need promotion, a month ago I built the trees forum yesterday I finally completed the construction of the web station I use this station to communicate the promotion methods, hope we progress together.

, 1.qq, forums, post, these are all necessary; especially recommend Baidu know. For example, I know what a website is, and the fortune teller is the most accurate. The number of IP that comes from this answer is about 100.

2. news soft needs a good platform release, so see the friends have a sense of trust is strong, to what place? I suggest you publish in Tom, because the Tom value of PR is very good, articles published in Baidu will be fast included, and ranked first. For example, this article,, looks like a news release, but it’s not. It just needs to be registered and released immediately. If people see Tom news coverage of your site, then the recognition will be greatly improved.

news not once, you should continue to write the essay, then tell the original topic in what place, we see the original topic is the large station news then your station trust will be greater.

3. article quality, this I do not say more, everybody knows, update is kingly way.

it’s hard for a person to start a business. What I can do now is three points. After nearly a month, the registered person is 900. My plan is to reach 2000 next month, once a month. The topic so far, hope that we actively grasp the news promotion methods, let us work together by feeds.

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