Second hand car electricity supplier model high profits the traditional interests of the chain was

from 1 to April this year, Beijing cumulative turnover of second-hand vehicles 206 thousand and 300, compared with 60742 last year, an increase of 239.6%. Experts predict that this year the volume of transactions is expected to break through 600 thousand. With the surge in the purchase of second-hand car business, the emergence of the market is different from the traditional market transactions in the form of second-hand car online auction companies.

recently, a reporter through the investigation found that some dealers on such trading platform has resistance. "The auction price and the transparency of the buyer and seller cut off the chain of interests of the person in charge of the used car business in the former dealership." A dealer in used cars told reporters that the touched interests of the group will naturally create resistance. In fact, the second-hand car behind the interests of the black hole has always been there, as an online auction platform responsible person told the reporter said, "of course, business model can also foster new interests dark angle, depending on the would you insist on price transparency and management."

used car business mode in the end who moved the cheese? It can break through the traditional barriers of interest to blaze a path of their own


electricity supplier model profit high

old car out of this market, such as the use of electricity supplier mode of operation, the average 4S store investors can earn 8% to 10% profit

currently, in the online auction platform in Beijing, has a certain scale, there are excellent letter pat, car easy to shoot, instant shot 3.

with excellent letter shot up recently quite fierce momentum take as an example, the BMW, Cadillac, Volkswagen has China, Shanghai GM brands such as dealers to ensure adequate supply of resources.

The general manager of the

company Dai Kun said in an interview, the day the auction number at about 90 times the turnover rate of 65%. According to him, the launch of the electronic business platform to spend hundreds of millions, currently used to detect a set of hardware equipment used in the old car are independent research and development, R & D investment as high as tens of millions.

mode of operation of the company are taken from 4S to store needs to turn out the second-hand car, after the integration of the evaluation process of the vehicle photo upload information specific to the network platform, then become excellent letter shot members of the brokerage company called price go. The company first buy and sell both sides of the minimum 10 thousand yuan deposit, for the purpose of restricting the breach of contract and other acts, after the transaction, the seller and the buyer face to face payment, excellent letter, respectively, 1% of buyers and sellers 5/1000 commission.

The car is easy to shoot

vice president Cai Xu introduced, compared with the traditional physical auction, in addition to break geographical boundaries, is the most attractive business model can make the 4S shop investors profit maximization in the second-hand car trading links in the profits.

, according to reports, the old car out of this rapid expansion of the market, such as the use of electricity supplier mode of operation, the average 4S store investors can earn 8% to 10% profit. The reporter calculates a sum of money, with 50 monthly average price of 50 thousand yuan of used car trading as an example, 8% of the profits can be >

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