Promotion three realm user rebound user compliance user initiative

promotion as an indispensable element of SEO, in each SEOER hearts must occupy a very important position. Each SEOER must have its own promotion strategy, and sometimes the plan is well developed, but the results are very unsatisfactory. In fact, the user promotion and other elements of SEO there is a big difference, that is, user promotion is to face the user. User promotion is the object of the user, all the feedback is also directly from the user, each of the different actions can lead to different user responses. Therefore, the user’s response is the most important factor in the development of the promotion plan, which is used to judge the three different aspects of promotion: user rebound, user compliance and user initiative.

user rebound is undoubtedly one of the worst types of promotion. User psychology is very subtle, not easy to grasp. But the user is also ordinary people, there is one of the most basic psychological, that is, the need for breathing space and freedom. For example, this is just like when we were young, our parents wanted us to study hard, not to play games and so on. There’s always a point there, but we’re always against it. User promotion is the same reason, promotional behavior is too urgent, too strong, too rough, will cause a strong rebound users. Even if the website content is very rich, the site itself is also very clear, but if the promotion behavior is too strong or rough, will cause users to rebound, not to mention those websites content or user experience is not satisfactory. This is also reflected in the public relations work of the website, the most typical case is QQ and 360 dispute. The thing is, most users are still not clear, and 360 for a period of time that the wind assessment is not very good, can be said to be a trough of 360. But in the battle between QQ and 360, QQ made a very bad decision to force users to uninstall 360 with their own right to use it. Originally, QQ in the market share can be said to be very high, should be said to be higher than 360. But in that case, and 360 of the substitutability is also stronger than QQ, it can be said that many people can not do without QQ, but you can always replace 360. Happens in the event, select uninstall QQ users, but far more than uninstall 360 of users. This is not grasp the user psychology, leading to user rebound, and finally the consequences of self destruction.

user compliance better than the user rebound, that is, users in the promotion process, and eventually be promoted means to move, become a web site users. User compliance is not difficult, as long as the site content and user experience to do well, and promote the means to play steadily, it is basically not difficult to do so. Some market share suspended in midair website, are regarded as the classic example of user compliance. This approach is steady and firm, so there is no need to dwell on it.

in the promotion of the highest realm, is undoubtedly the user initiative. There is a famous story, said a farmer grooming, don’t put the food on the ground, put it on the wall. The horse has to eat its grass and stretch its neck. Some people ask about agriculture

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