Tianya CEO Xing Ming profitable in a more wet way


by horizon re attack the gem?" recently there are rumors that the acquisition madman Jiangnanchun will again attack the gem, the investment company is Tianya.

on the afternoon of November 25th, Tianya CEO Xing Ming was surprised by the rumor, and he did not seem to have heard of it before. "Gangnam Tianya is indeed one of the shareholders." Xing Ming confirmed.

, however, this is an old news, 2006 Tianya start financing plan, and completed the A round of financing in 2007. Google, Lenovo investment, Qing division and other joint injection, the total shareholding ratio is not high. The same batch, Jiangnanchun injection was not there, because disclosure is an individual shareholder jason. Xing Ming did not disclose the specific amount of financing, but according to the expression of speculation, the shareholding ratio is very low in spring.

Xing Ming made it clear that the 2007 A round of financing is the last round of financing before the end of the horizon.

, an unknown source, excited the IT world. However, this news does indeed coincide with some gem imagination. Jason as three companies of personal investment in Huayi Brothers, Jiafufuqiao, Tianya online all and the gem. The world community has been China gem loyal fans, prior to the first landing high voice, after Xing Ming that is not ripe, did not submit an application; the Huayi Brothers has been the first landing of the gem; service entrepreneurs rich rich remittance has also appeared in the list of the first batch of more than 100 large companies in the gem speculation.

to the gem, manic hundred times earnings, has been behind the gem skyline community plus a spring, in accordance with the inertia should draw what conclusions


coincidentally, the end of the world now changed its low-key past, organized a product release in Hainan, Sanya. In November 25th, Tianya launched blockbuster enterprise space products and ADTOP advertising system.

community is indeed brewing a plan for everyone, but not in the capital market, but the intensive and meticulous farming. The media data, also comes with a · American clay Shirky; a book "future is wet".

wet, refers to the Internet community, sharing, dialogue, cooperation and action based on a non organization power, and the related "wet marketing" and Xing Ming Long "virtual life dream" agree without prior without previous consultation.

According to

Xing expression, an attempt to Tianya concept of enterprise marketing space and the release of the ADTOP advertising system only, or the 1 version of the future, there will also release more products on the basis of this. This is the idea of Tianya community: This is a new advertising system, with the help of Tianya There is nothing comparable to this user advantages, to the enterprise space series products as the core, to provide different levels according to the standard suite for medium and small enterprises, enterprises will directly face the target audience, truly interactive marketing self-service.


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