Zhengzhou information network the next direction of operation

stumbled on the Zhengzhou information network on the whole line, after more than 10 days, the first three fires must burn it. How to burn?. How to operate?. Zhengzhou information network and street guests and dig model of operation is different from each other, Zhengzhou information network based in Zhengzhou, born in Zhengzhou, grow in Zhengzhou, there is no other way to go. And can not rely on search engines, rely on the support of local users, so that Zhengzhou information network can be powerful.

for Zhengzhou information network next development, I do the following thinking and plan, of course, the premise is constantly to enrich the content, fill the theme.

1: looking for Zhengzhou local forum cooperation. Night search on Zhengzhou local forum, tepid, basically in the lethargic state, to say look did not see improvement, you can’t say every day there are hundreds of posts, I admire the webmaster, are stuck to their beliefs, this is very important, and cooperation forum the purpose is to make up for the Zhengzhou information network, there is no separate forum energy, this can also let the members have a communication platform. By the way, promote further upgrading of Zhengzhou information network. The two is to complement each other in content, such as collecting information from each other, and so on, so as to maximize the benefit of resources. And the direction of development in the evening began to implement, and now good, did not find cooperation forum,

2: looking for a local Zhengzhou DM magazine company or team published their free advertising information, make up for their deficiencies in network promotion, Zhengzhou information network to help them free publication of information, and let me get information smoothly. This question has been consulted by some people in the afternoon, and that is the beginning.

since done, try to do, do not do, never know that they are right, good is wrong, and no one can say I will fail, refueling. Persistence holds the hope of victory. Zhengzhou information network refueling.

finally sends a big AD. Http://s.zzxinxi.com.cn, I hope you’ll have a look and talk to each other.

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