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imperceptibly in the IT field has been working for more than five years, from the first year to do research and development work, second years as a project manager, and later served as the project pre-sale, system integration project manager, has done four or five projects. These five years are also my life’s most important time, experienced from students to technical personnel, technical personnel, pre-sales personnel, pre-sales personnel to the project leader several changes.

project, see small is a "thing", as long as the world panting people kept things. Of course, these things depend on whether you want to treat it as a project. The project is time – cost limited. My friend has taken on the role of party for my birthday, and PM needs to be carefully prepared from the assessment, the preparation, and the end. Halfway through the habit of informing students, but also make appropriate adjustments. Of course, the project project is not so simple, need to assume the risks and responsibilities of project management in China is popular in recent years, I did not expect the boss so fast to catch up with the world trend, in the company to start a project management. Many other companies have quickly joined the tide. But soon complained that he floats this enterprise, PM The atmosphere was foul. dismounted. Why is that so? The reason, I think, is that enterprise management and enterprise Project Manager themselves lack the knowledge and method of project management.According to the

1 how to choice in the case of not much, the formation of a good team?

after the investment of Shanda, China blog network company, the industry well-known venture capital institutions Softbank Asia recently shot again, tens of millions of dollars level large sums of money into Southern China and an Internet enterprise — take network. According to reports, Softbank Asia’s first phase of funding has been in place, the amount of $twelve million and five hundred thousand, and later estimates still will be injected into the capital. In addition, reporters from his network executives who understand that in addition to Softbank Asia, before there are many venture capital institutions have come to negotiate with them, but after nearly two years of negotiations, on the net and Softbank Asia eventually come together, the two sides formulated a detailed development plan for about two years, are listed in the United States the goal in 07 years.

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