All games listed on the new board for 5 years is not a new business on its laurelsFace Meng founder

in order to "Huyou" ginseng and come in, Guo column everywhere posted flyers, in a booth before to recruit his first small partner. With the addition of people slowly increasing in the buddy, they built a studio at home, the entrepreneurial banner hanging on the wall, Guo column where we talk about things with off shoes, also thought it was what illegal organization buddy’s mother to spooked.

the "daily economic news" reporter noted that the Webpage Game Mobile Games, R & D, issuance and operation of the main business of the company, is facing new and old product lean situation.

during this period, everyone’s game has undergone changes. In 2012, because Mobile Games products brush list, all used by Apple’s app store shelves; in 2013, "happy farm" operation after 4 and a half years to shut down the server; in 2014, because of the performance of the old product revenue began to decline, the new product out of stock, the overall performance began to decline. In the page tour and hand travel crazy growth in the past few years, everyone’s game performance but no breakthrough.

"face MOE," the recent fire, 90 in the field of entrepreneurship is also a fire. From May 30th to June 2nd, the amount of face sprouting was four days in 119.3W. And its founder Guo Ji was born in 89, and his team is composed of 9 90. Guo column said that at present, it has received IDG investment of several hundred million yuan, is seeking the second round of financing.

remember the 2009 launch of the "happy farm" vegeteal? Now, that is the peak of the game very influential people.

, who was the monitor of the University, was not interested in his major, but he had a close relationship with his classmates, so he began looking for what he liked to do. Inspired by the experience of an experienced entrepreneur in the challenge cup, Guo also went to an entrepreneurial competition. This venture is public welfare, requiring participants to help people in need, to help them earn money, through this competition to enhance their entrepreneurial ability.

this venture lasted for more than a year, Guo column said: "absolutely not imagine so easy, go to bed at two o’clock every night was the most difficult time, after lights out and then the students notebook computer for two hours, get up at six in the morning. There are a lot of bitterness, the most bitter period of time, I’m a person in McDonald’s inside toss, I call a small partner, said it was too bitter, and then felt that this thing almost can not stand down." But if I give up, "I don’t have the face to see them, but they can’t do it, it’s humiliating.". Finally, they went to the finals, and when they went to Chengdu to compete, they scored the same as the other team, when a TCL executive on board announced that the winning team was Huazhong University of Science and Technology:


according to the December 1, 2016 "public transfer instructions" hereinafter referred to as the transfer of the book, November 21, 2015, Ho led everyone game CEO game business team signed a framework agreement to acquire, the main contents of the agreement: He Chuan game team through the establishment of shareholding platform, the introduction of outside investors to increase 120 million yuan to complete the acquisition of all games.


after the completion of the capital, all games listed equity structure before three new board basically decided that He Chuan holding approximately 44.13% of executives holding platform Oceanpower mutual entertainment holding approximately 20.11%, 35.75% of the total shareholding of institutional investors.


then, everyone games came out of the spin off plan, until August last year before the dust settles. February 15th this year, everyone game announcement, from now on, officially opened the public transfer.


such a young team, the growth of knock stumble a little bit. Not long ago, in the IDG venture capital and the state to join the IDG campus entrepreneurship contest organized by the Huazhong University of Science and Technology will preach, Guo column about his two both bitterness and wonderful entrepreneurial story: your heart is the most understand you, when you insist on doing down, God will not lose to you."

February 15th, everyone game announcement, from now on, the company shares officially listed in the national stock transfer system for public transfer, the transfer of the agreement for the transfer. According to the previous release of the "public transfer book" shows that in 2016 1~4 months, everyone games revenue 24 million 361 thousand and 900 yuan, 6 million 437 thousand yuan net profit.

Guo graduated in 2011 and has just graduated for three years. In reading, he is not a good student, but is a typical "bad boy"". He said, in high school, in order to pursue the "cool", poor learning, pay five girlfriends; also told buddy loyalty, was later given a detention. But the family did not blame him, Guo moved his family to repay, dumbass hard from turning into "Curve Wrecker", with the entrance she was admitted to the Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

March 2016, everyone games to complete the demolition of the VIE architecture, the real controller from Chen Yizhou micro-blog change why Chuan?. At the same time, combined with the dismantling of the VIE framework arrangements, Guangdong trillion capital, Hengqin youth and other 9 investment institutions for all games 118 million yuan capital increase. Transfer book shows that this increase in capital for all games valued at 348 million yuan.

listed three new board valued at 350 million

2015, when the demolition of the VIE architecture to increase its investment, everyone introduced the game 9 investment institutions, when its valuation reached 348 million yuan. Accordingly, executives of all games made performance commitments, in 2016 net profit of not less than 26 million yuan, and revenue growth of not less than 30%.

back to the new board of everyone’s game 870140, OC is no longer the scenery of the past.

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