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so what should I write about a highly effective email that’s out of the question,


because of the different nature of the platform, Jingdong mall open platform and Tmall have different rules. So the next day had a cat, not equal to Dezhuan Jingdong.

Abstract: in order to get more people in the Internet age, you need to know what the recipient is thinking about and give the other person what he wants.

Beijing partners, believes that doing business on behalf of the needs of the three major capabilities. First, investment capability, two is operational capacity, and three is to promote capacity. "Only understand Jingdong rules, understand its gameplay, can do a good job on behalf of operators.". This is why some foreign customers to find generation operators – because of asymmetric information, they can not understand the information of Jingdong in a timely manner, but also do not understand the gameplay, resulting in relatively high cost, as well as outsourcing."

it turned out that the ginger classmate was well versed in the mailbox of famous investors and was jammed every day by strangers asking for help. In order to get their mail let Lei has open desire, he not only in the title to show that their business plan is only one page, to avoid the trouble because of too little forked, also made a only A4 size ", only to open the link in the message body. You can see the entire business plan.

two is different from promotion. Promotion is divided into station promotion, station promotion. Station promotion, such as search, optimization, ranking, station promotion, such as SEO, SEM, website alliance, mail marketing, mobile client, micro-blog marketing, etc.. Promotion outside the station, he revealed that the Jingdong every day on sh419 put a lot of advertising, including some merchant goods keyword, which means that some businesses can obtain promotional resources free of charge.


today weekly Jun respectively from the two aspects of how to write high-quality working mail and cold mail, teach you to save communication costs at the same time, skillfully through the mail, put forward even a large coffee can not refuse the request.


can receive countless requests for investment every day Lei Jun, in the case of non masked, so moved, weekly Jun, which took small partners to see ginger classmates this e-mail in the end better than others, where is smart?.

two is different from promotion rules. Tmall is relatively flexible, Jingdong mall has six major promotion methods, different promotions have different rules, different effects. Six promotions including fanquan Beijing East, coupons and coupons straight down, full cut, full of gifts and discounts.

has a new entrepreneur named Jiang Yinghao, with only one page of the business plan, so that Lei Jun quickly invest millions of dollars for him.

Jingdong mall open platform launched at the end of 2010. Liu Qiangdong, chairman of the Jingdong mall board, predicted earlier this year that 20% of the core sellers on Jingdong’s open platform would account for 80% of total sales by 2015. In Jingdong mall ecosystem, the generation of operations will become an important part.

NO.1 good email improves communication efficiency by

and Tmall thousands of generations of operating service providers, Jingdong mall on behalf of the operating market is still a blue ocean, there are only two hundred more than. Among them, while part of the Tmall generation operators, while the other part of the focus on Jingdong mall operators.

become punchline

many students write more freely, and even use blank mail headers.

first, the operating rules are different. Tmall system is relatively mature. Train, search optimization, Taobao customers, drill exhibition, two pages, three pages are charging mode, the operation cost is higher; the Jingdong is 80% free mode, the goods comply with reporting rules, can be free of the station, lower marketing costs,

and face to face communication is different, e-mail because it can leave indelible traces, so be more careful treatment.

wants to get more people in the Internet age, you’ll have to know what the recipient is thinking and give the other person what he wants.

but imagine if your recipient is a busy workplace, when he quickly view the inbox N unread mail, will ignore the title "habitual" ready to accept either course of mail.

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so if you want the other party to be willing to open your mail quickly, let him read your intention from the title.

Lei Jun doesn’t vote for him, who does he vote for?

Beijing partners, is one of the founders of Technology Group, who has been responsible for search technology in the Information Department of Jingdong mall. In March 2012, Wang Wenfeng realized that Jingdong mall operating services hidden opportunities, from the Jingdong mall left, founded the Beijing partner company, has now provided operating services for more than 30 businesses on behalf of.

This is why

, it is the total thunder shaking? No, ginger students to Lei through the mail business plan, Lei think his wonderful and can not refuse mail".

Wang Wenfeng, founder of

differs from Tmall in

‘s acme, originality, and intention, with a single email, "inadvertently" demonstrated the merits of the three investors.

Wang Wenfeng from the Jingdong information department, also served in the Taobao search department. He introduced, Jingdong mall open platform and Tmall have the following different:

Wang Wenfeng, founder of

through the operation of this investment, and now ginger classmate’s company in the country already has a certain reputation – that is, focus on the automotive mobile Internet wood warehouse technology.

1, clear information, write >

three is a different customer service configuration. Businesses with monthly sales of $500 thousand may need 3-5 customer service in Tmall, and only 1 people in the Jingdong.

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