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domestic Internet novels, from the point of view of the operation mode, are similar to light novels of japan. And based on the Internet novel, IP has formed a profitable business model. In addition to pay to read, the "ghost chuideng" Tomb notes "and other popular novels" startling step by step "has been, film, TV game, let the priority layout in the field of capital profits.

case recently began to change, with the IP management to tighten, everyone in the film and love cartoons and several important content resource sites have been closed, some owners even into the sentence, a lot of copyright infringing websites and under the pressure of the government, but to transform or offline website. Compared to a few years ago, now looking for some pirated resources, it is more difficult than before, and the future is expected to be more difficult. This makes the IP based business model look more sustainable.

‘s "one hundred thousand cold jokes" referred to as "ten cold" should be one of the important factors to promote the two dimensional economy. Ten cold draw on the "comic comic day" and "performance" approach, using spoof to reshape the masses based on a wide range of characters, and then add a variety of stems to fill the story. Because of domestic >

A recently announced the completion of a $60 million financing, which has already played chicken two dimensional business circle is undoubtedly also a stimulant. And what I see is that even the A station announced the hatching of IP.

but the novel cake has by the Tencent reading group and sh419 China carved up, movies, TV shows, games like gambling investment, new Internet capital how to cut IP cake? The answer is only cartoons and comics, subsequent derivatives. Cartoons can be said to be a text content including text works, speech works, talk and other text creation based on a content the most economical way to produce, not only the production cost is low, the content of text + image expression to far exceed the single text form, as by all the songs more than reciting lyrics.

value China network is the new media China leading financial and commercial network. In the time after the establishment of two years, the Internet industry Chinese created many "first" and "most": the first to advocate and achieve professional positioning of the blog site, first advocated and full implementation of real name system of blog site, the first to give the author the right stock website blog, has the most the financial / business depth content of professional website, has the largest number of entries Chinese first online financial encyclopedia website, has the most real name system expert resources Chinese website…… Wait。

IP is the engine of the two dimensional economy in recent years,

The emergence of

for the two dimensional economy, there are two main arguments on the market. One is the circle man, the two is circle IP. Circle of people think that the domestic two dimensional circle are "Day lovers", which can be extended to the entire young people. Circle IP Group believes that people gathered by IP, the core of all is IP. Which faction is right, no one can guarantee for a short time, but I personally support the circle of IP pie.

ACG industry business model has full development in Japan and the United States, but because of the past do domestic IP protection is not ideal, IP management of the enterprise is in control of the state, the original environment is very poor, leading to the IP has been in a state of lame development. Online game companies have the ability to directly charge, so you can IP production in the game development process to digest, but the content as the core value of the product is everywhere thorns.

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