Expert positioning blog mode Taobao railway station can also go farYoung dishes Jun founder hungry

blog mode Taobao railway station pay attention to authoritative marketing. Not because professional, so trust it? So, sh419 home page appeared several expert level bloggers and some even exactly the same, then you let consumers should trust which?

fourth, defeating death

third, the proliferation of expert bloggers from second

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second, blog, the consequences of piracy

blog mode, especially as first blog mode expert for domestic first Taobao passenger combat team – Dragon team! This mode not only create a large number of thousand grassroots Taobao guest, but it also is prosperous vitality! But blog mode Taobao station can enduring can bring lasting growth? Income? The answer is no.. Where’s the reason,

young dishes Jun’s idea is: the establishment of online business platform, to provide purchase, payment function; online next to the subway station to build solid stores. After the user orders on the Internet, the store is lifted around the subway, so as to save the delivery cost of the logistics and the circulation loss of the products.


is connected to a point that pirate station once on the front page, bound by consumers to search, ask consumers at the same time to see two or more blog as like as two peas well, here to explain, now really have that blog piracy as like as two peas webmaster, a blogger, photos, address do not change, but the number, many will feel? Do you think consumers are fools? Will continue to bring you income

starved out of business by

on the service, the young dishes will be washed, cut, served, and served with dishes

if you have a Taobao station really has developed to more than a few steps, then congratulations you have been far away from death! Why? 1, because sh419 still advertised the people-oriented! As long as there is a consumer complaints, the results you know do not understand, please refer to the sh419 know now. 2, pray for your blog


domestic Wangzhuan world has a trend of the common problem: jealous and follow. A lot of hand holding technology, a large number of chain resources, station groups of webmaster, good at "leveraging" ha ha, please allow me to call it this way. As long as they find or analyze a potential, high income station, then their speed and SEO are really going to hell. After 2 months, the rankings are down on you!

created the young monarch dish opportunity dates back to 2013, when the young monarch dish of another founder Chen Wen in a IT company, every day he walked with heavy steps out of the subway station in Huilongguan, will be the street of hawkers and the kind of scent to attract. But my parents "don’t eat" remind to quit, can only go home hungry. So, Chen Wen heart he had set up a semi clean vegetables in the subway store idea.

the price of the young restaurant is located next to the Huilongguan subway station. It is also because Chen lives nearby and has a good knowledge of the local conditions. Huilongguan station crowded, residents in the structure of the 25 – to 35 year old Beijing more, but this is just a crowd of young monarch dish target group. In addition, in Huilongguan gathered a large number of IT industry practitioners, for their semi clean vegetables pattern is more easy to accept.

hard to solve dinnerIn

DoNews October 28th news reporter Zhang Lin vegetable sales have been a line of traditional business, relying on residential areas around the supermarket, food market to meet user demand for purchase. In this perennial unchanged, almost saturated market, the team as the main line of grass, and found a new development ideas, "young dishes Jun" was born.

in September of the same year, any animal husbandry was to accompany his wife shopping received an email message to Chen Wen, Chen Wen said, I want to open a semi clean vegetables shop, solve the problem of the working dinner. The same mail was also sent to another founder, Huang Chiwei.

first, from massive piracy blogs and fake station

messages are received, any animal husbandry and yellow Chiwei have expressed great interest. Starting from the reality of life, any animal husbandry and also by Huang Chiwei dinner problems, food safety is a street stalls, on the other hand, because the work is busy, fast-paced life, and it is a waste of time for dinner. At the same time, they realize that their problems are not the case, but a lot of white-collar workers, a common problem in Beijing. So, three people quickly reached a consensus, quit work, set up a "young dishes Jun."".

semi clean vegetables O2O,

? !

fully understand the status of the fast pace of life, a huge number of population, the young monarch dish gives semi clean vegetables in solution. Ren said, from the surface, the young dish Jun is selling food, but in essence sell the user to buy food, cleaning time.

in the current Wangzhuan industry, Taobao guest team is huge, and are constantly growing! Mode promotion means Taobao station are diverse, but the mainstream is website promotion mode. Breakdown of current Taobao guest website promotion types: portal mode, single page mode, blog mode, rebate mode, and so on. Remember the single page mode over the previous two years swept the entire Taobao guest Wangzhuan but as time! Precipitation, improved resolution, users of pure single page mode has been slowly dying. Along with the Taobao alliance update rebate mode Taobao station has been dying! Then the other Taobao customers will face the challenge of how to model! Today we are going to discuss the mode of Taobao blog, how far can we go to

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