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as a HTML5 in the field of entrepreneurial veterans, as the international standard HTML5 was one of the makers, this is exciting, but when I read the WeChat application, after the introduction, I have reservations about the "WeChat OS" in the future.

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Abstract: Although WeChat uses HTML5 technology to make the application number APP, but it does not really use the essence of HTML5 — an open Internet, also determines that it cannot realize the ultimate ambition of WeChat OS "."

titanium media note: the author of this paper has worked in the Microsoft IE browser core research and development team of the US headquarters, participated in the HTML5 international standard setting and the design of the HTML5 engine in IE.

history is a mirror, the development of the mobile Internet can be a lot of reference with the PC Internet, although the appearance is inconsistent, but the essence is interlinked. There are two frameworks for software programs: one is C/S client / server, and the other is B/S Browser / server.

later, people gradually began not to download web sites, and gradually turned to use browser to obtain information, mainly based on B/S architecture. One key variable to switch from C/S to B/S is network bandwidth speed, because B/S relies on the network, as long as network conditions are ripe, B/S will be popular.

days ago, WeChat released a number of long-awaited official name: small program beta, immediately the circle of friends is a scraper, a time release overwhelming, the HTML5 development community as cheerful as a lark. Everyone believes that the mobile Internet ushered in a new era of "WeChat operating system OS", "HTML5 Web App" spring has come.


1. gives customers a wide variety of "intentions";         "intention to guide" plays a very important role in buying and selling transactions. It allows customers to transfer the objects in mind, creating an imagination. In this way, customers will become more active in the process of shopping, and in their hearts, there will be a desire to trade as soon as possible.         "intention guidance"; all the actions are arranged by you. But in the eyes of customers, everything is designed according to their own, until the success of the transaction, he she all think they have taken advantage of.  :     a salesman should begin with a full preparation, give a conscious and positive indication to the customer, and get them into your trap from the start". For example:         "our company is currently carrying out a new investment plan if you are going to make a small investment now.". In a few years, your money will be enough for your child to go to college. You won’t have to worry about your child’s tuition and fees by then. Now you need such a high cost to go to college, and in a few years, it is unimaginable, you say, what will happen?"         of course, after you have given them a variety of hints, you must give them some time to consider and not be anxious for success. Let your cues permeate their hearts and allow their subconscious to accept your cues.         a salesman should be good at taking advantage of opportunities to attack. If you think you’ve arrived and asked if the customer has the best time to buy, you can immediately say to them, "every parent wants his children to receive higher education.". "Wangzichenglong", "Wang Cheng Feng", this is It’s only human. But do you take into account how you can avoid the heavy financial burden in the future, and investing in our company can completely solve your worries. What do you think of this way?"         when the sale into a substantive stage, they may hint for you to consider, but not very careful, when you purchase intention temptation for them, they will consider your suggestion again, convinced that their purchase intention.         customer bargaining will make their negotiations longer. At this point, the salesman must talk with them patiently and enthusiastically, and continue to strengthen his own intention until the deal is done.


as a HTML5 veteran, in his opinion, although WeChat has used the HTML5 technology to make the application number APP, but it does not really use the essence of HTML5 — an open Internet, also determines that it cannot realize the ultimate ambition of WeChat OS ".

application is indeed "at the right time"

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mobile terminal is also experiencing PC end of evolutionary processes, the network bandwidth is getting better and better, more and more users are not willing to go to the app store to download, I believe that all the people go to the app store number is less and less.


mobile terminal APP and PC Windows software at the same time are C/S architecture, HTML5 and PC end of the web HTML4 are B/S architecture. PC era, early years is C/S architecture based, everyone is to download the website to download Windows software, this and the mobile terminal to the application store to download the APP process is the same.

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