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if the catering store, then the store lies in the vitality of the dishes, and the key is to cook dishes. In this case, the chef’s personal level determines the quality of the dishes, the operator will lose the initiative, and can not systematize the management. Moreover, the single "consumption range of radiation, most can only be extended to 5 km around, even if the passenger full, profit is limited. But if the chain stores are profitable, they can obtain higher profits and enhance their brand influence.

in the streets, some of which are catering store meet the eye everywhere, "time-honored" — although very old, but still a single. The reasons behind, in general, in addition to limited funds, but also with the operator’s personality, strength, thinking has a lot to do with. For example, operators open a shop for many years, for the performance of self satisfaction, do not intend to scale expansion.

in order to help the majority of entrepreneurs to understand the content of entrepreneurship outlet, grasp the content of entrepreneurship opportunity, in July 13th, by GOGO and Wedo joint venture Beanstalk Agency jointly organized the "content of entrepreneurship in the second half, how to share business opportunities will be held successfully in Shenzhen in exchange.

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or actually do the chain store? There is no absolute answer and no ground for blame. However, relatively speaking, although the operation of a good shop is the starting point of brand birth, but if only open a shop, there is no systematic management and yield.


mobile Internet era, "the content of entrepreneurship" to the production of high quality content as a means to use the number and the amount of reading as the goal, attention in the economic environment, has become a business outlet, get more and more business circles and investment circles.

the content of entrepreneurship sharing will be divided into several parts, there was a comprehensive analysis of industry trends, there are investors to share the investment direction, investment tendency and investment case, at the same time also invited a number of content entrepreneurs about the entrepreneurial process, entrepreneurial experience to share.

and Kai venture capital investment director Ms. He Huimin shared entrepreneurial opportunities for content views, including the contents of venture investment and financing, strategic layout, opportunities and challenges, and optimistic about the content of the field of entrepreneurship kai.





, of course, many parameters of the chain business, such as the team, research, project budget, site selection, VI, CI, target customers, differentiation…… Many elements are indispensable. In particular, every store is profitable, but it is the key to managing chain restaurants. For chain catering enterprises, large-scale requirements must be systematized management and quantitative production". For example, every food ingredients and seasonings have prescribed weight, so as to ensure consumers to eat every time the taste is very stable.

however, in the content of entrepreneurship continues to ferment today, many content entrepreneurs exist, there is no traffic capacity, light talk about content entrepreneurship, there is no strong IP and copyright to pay the content of the problem. There is a cavity love, understand content, do not understand the operation, the team structure is imperfect, business model is not clear, the lack of realizable channels and forms are common.

chain dining is that there are more than one sound. Chain stores have trademarks, management techniques, can be directly used in various branches. When setting up shop in the new area, you can get on the right track in a relatively short period of time. Because the store can often inherited the headquarters of goodwill, let the consumer for the newly opened shop or unfamiliar stores will have a cordial feeling. In addition, chain store can store more than allow employees to obtain better development space, so as to enhance their value.

content entrepreneurship, that is, the creation of high-quality content as a means of entrepreneurship, from the media and the public number is the most common.



in today’s "public entrepreneurship" era, the restaurant industry is a hot spring breeze. For business guests, should be open or the development of chain store

he graduated from Perth University in the United States of New York, has a master’s degree in investment management, internship in New York life, and in the venture capital mainly focus on education, Kai pan entertainment, artificial intelligence, sports, consumption upgrade and other investment.


GOGO operations manager Mr. Lin Wenchao also took about GO>

from the effect of expanding brand awareness, the chain store is an important means. In other words, each shop is a billboard. It is understood that some of the chain restaurant industry does not necessarily make money, for example, open places may be more remote. But the dot com layout gives consumers an impression that they can be consciously or unconsciously recognized. This consumer suggestion can generally be a foreshadowing for other branches to make money.


cool comic comics copyright commercial director Yao Hong to be its cool meter as an example, detailed display of comic content entrepreneurship copyright, product platform, IP revenue and a series of related cases, to entrepreneurs to enlightenment.

, Mr. Li Tong, director of the content of the South friendship circle, introduced the southern circle of friends and the media agency, and carried out a thorough discussion on the content, entrepreneurial environment, how to achieve enterprise brand, and the form of content realization.