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thredUP said Friday that sales were up 75% year on year in the student’s back to school season, with traffic increasing by 84%, returning customers at 46%, and the average monthly increase of about 7000. Reinhart said that in the old abandoned replacement service, some old users returned to thredUP.

2017, bullish long-term investment model.

our strategy is to learn the Xiaoping model, learn the Sequoia model, but follow the road of the Qing branch. It’s like fighting, it’s very bad, but it’s especially enjoyable.

currently offers thredUP 65 thousand to 70 thousand clothing, with a 60 thousand square foot logistics center in San Leandro, south of California, Oakland. After financing the round, the company plans to build a logistics center on the east coast of the United States and the south.

allows children’s old clothes, "flowing" children’s clothing consignment platform thredUP, announced last week to complete the C round of financing. This round of financing led by the new investor Highland Capital Partners, totaling $14 million 500 thousand, thredUP’s previous investors Trinity, Ventures and Redpoint Ventures also participated in this round of investment. So far, thredUP has received $23 million in investment.


Ni Zhengdong: investment is the most important investment, 2017 bullish long-term investment

entrepreneurs have to fight to the last bullet. Investors and entrepreneurs together to play all the time, he said he would go away, this wasn’t a real entrepreneur. Yesterday I met two entrepreneurs, one is he doing model is very successful, but the environment has changed on the spin off, do a new thing, finally put everyone suspected to do in 2016 revenue reached 700 million, an impossible one possible. Have a brother two years ago he was particularly depressed, particularly worried, also out of some other things, he asked me to say at the meeting yesterday I come to see you today, I feel very proud, because I made a net profit of 10 million last year, 2017 net profit can earn about 30000000. These two people, when they were looking for people to vote, although there are many challenges in the middle, but in the end they survived.

"We find it hard to keep up with consumer expectations in the P2P world," says

my personal favor of the two lines, one is the second half of the Internet, like information technology +, >


thredUP has nearly 100 employees, 70 of whom work in the logistics center, and 30 are based in San Francisco. ThredUP is considering hiring operators and adding more Internet and mobile engineers. In July, the company attracted a number of former Netflix executives, including Netflix’s former chief operating officer, John Voris. Like Netflix, thredUP needs to enhance business >

looks back on the past 2016, and looks at the first 2017. What are the stories and proverbs of angel investors?

than Internet education, we have a dedicated Internet Education Fund, which maintains 5 to 8 companies a year. There will also be Internet investment, and then there will be special investment, medical, investment and comprehensive. Let long-term track live, such as education, Internet banking, etc. will continue to vote.

thredUP will use the money to expand its business and move into a new vertical market. As part of the investment, Dan Nova, a venture capitalist from Highland, will join the thredUP board of directors.

in January 14, 2017, at the second session of Chinese angel "NPC and CPPCC hit the annual festival, the chairman of the Qing Branch Group Ni East, true grid fund founder Xu Xiaoping, founder of innovation works founder Cai Wensheng Li Kaifu, long lead the investment of several chiefs gathered on the map of the story behind the Internet in 2017, listed on the second half of the new opportunities and challenges and other topics in the study.



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thredUP: Children’s old clothes consignment platform

Reinhart. But now we can really master quality and experience, which drives our business to grow faster."

in 2016, the expected Mito was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange at a market value of HK $37 billion 100 million US $4 billion 600 million. Mito listing is the largest technology IPO in Hongkong stock market in the past 10 years, and the biggest IPO since the opening of Shenzhen and Hong kong. Mito also contributed to an extremely high return on investment by angel investors Cai Wensheng and Li Kaifu.

investment is a long time. You need to see enough companies to have a deep understanding. I personally voted more than 200 companies, and thousands of companies, see a lot of success and failure of various cases, then more and more people experience the wrong, the good track, then a good story is wrong.

shifted its business hub to online consignment earlier this year, the number of thredUP users grew rapidly. At present, the number of users of this site is close to 400 thousand. Before March of this year, thredUP will have children replacement of old clothes as a core service, but the company CEO James Reinhart said, consumers want better quality, which is unable to provide the old replacement, so thredUP shut down the service.