Without solid professional knowledge how should we do a good job in the mediaOn the espn From bask

in 2012 to set up a business platform HoopCHINA Shihuo, also added a lottery, games and other services. While in the capital, in June 2015, tiger and guirenniao, Greenwoods asset co sponsored sports industry fund dynamic domain capital, the total size of the fund is 2 billion yuan.

in fact, tiger is no longer only a sports portal, an identity, around the sports ecology, tiger bashing online, offline farming. Up to >

doesn’t have solid professional knowledge how to do it from the media,

how do I do this? From the media, what skills do you have at each link?

the type of industry gradually diversified, covering a wide range of sports shoes and clothing, food and beverage, automotive, IT digital etc.. Among them, the main customers in addition to Nike, Adidas, XTEP and 361 degrees sports shoes brand enterprises, and Red Bull, Head and Shoulders and other FMCG clients; Mercedes Benz, BMW, dodge car brand customers; and Ping An insurance, suning and other types of customers.

then I began to learn Baidu bit by bit to learn about them. Later on, I found that the knowledge of web search was too trivial

from the data to see the development of

chat about Tiger bashing

especially in the "Internet plus" tide, sports become xiangbobo, veteran sports portal HoopCHINA recently submitted to the SFC GEM Listing application.

HoopCHINA basketball community was founded in 2004, started in 2007 after the start of operations to try the company, and the transition from the forum began to portal, while adding more sports categories, such as the line to increase competition, e-commerce and game intermodal business.

you think a problem, if we put a bunch of teenage children in a similar age, you can feel it who is learning good grades? Who is better? Look not to come out.

so when we don’t have solid expertise, what should we do? Read more, read more, think more.

after more than 10 years of development and accumulation, tiger bashing has become a set of sports marketing planning, event marketing and management, activity management, public relations, sports market research, new media operators, sports public service as one of the sports marketing agency, marketing a full range of services for sports major enterprises, brands and agencies.

himself has the nature of research, the ability to choose topics in his work is strong, but lack of professional knowledge. Individuals are interested in self media, and there are many points of view and knowledge that can be written, but I can not guarantee that these perceptions and views are completely accurate.

later? I still do, why? Because I suddenly found that I ought to write some, to express some of my own cognitive problems and views, although it is not necessarily the most correct, but everyone has their own right to express.

and what is a common feature, is that everyone is to learn to walk before you run. Go to kindergarten first and then go to college.

today, in the knowledge of almost see such a problem, that is, the subject of questions. I was asked to answer it. Originally, I think it’s time to write a paragraph. Later, I carefully thought about it, and I think it should be answered seriously, because it is a respect for others.

said, "I also thought I had learned SEO’s experience.". For the SEO technology, the university does not have this course. How do I do that? I’m coming from little white step by step.

starts with the most basic and starts with understanding what SEO is. Then there’s some flow of thought in your mind. For example, what is SEO? How do you learn SEO? What are the factors that affect the ranking of websites?

in developed countries, the sports industry has always been a pillar industry. With the continuous development and transformation of the economy, the development of China’s sports industry has also entered the fast lane, the sports layout of many giants surfaced.

, I said, I don’t know. I don’t know what the hell it is. But, I think I have a good advantage, that is, when I do not know, I will go to Baidu. So, I learned SEO, I started with Baidu first.

I think one of the problems that this friend has is also a lot of confusion. In fact, when I was doing this from the media, I had this kind of doubt. You said I wasn’t an expert, and I didn’t say all right. Can I do it well from the media?

materials show that tiger sports 2015 revenue of 200 million yuan, operating costs of 71 million 520 thousand yuan, operating profit of 27 million 660 thousand yuan, net profit reached 31 million 570 thousand yuan.


in July 2014, tiger won 100 million yuan C round of financing soon after, there have been rumors that tiger will be listed in the A shares, until recently. This is anecdotal discussion, to cater to the heady Internet sports.

so, the first question:

, first look at the author’s question:

-2015 according to its 2013 annual financial statements for the year, ESPN major business segments including advertising, event marketing and value-added services, which in 2015, ESPN’s advertising revenue was 121 million yuan, accounting for 60.78% of the total revenue. In 2013 and 2015, tiger sports accounted for more than 50% of the advertising revenue, the proportion was 55.64%, 55.55%

, in 2010, when I was a classmate, do you know what SEO is? Do you know what Baidu snapshot is?