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method to make directional flow specific to everyone, but the effect is just fur or can, like the first Sina, sh419 space, and 19 floor, so high weight blog will have to build up mutual connection, every day more space or blog friends, be careful not to add too many sh419 space is very sensitive. Every time you release with a Taobao keyword off of ID soft, and finally click all keywords to indicate your website can enter your website or theme. You Many a little make a mickle. web site the chain more, also more description text links. The natural keyword ranking is up, but also to update the original article hold. If the competitiveness is not strong one day a keyword is the best choice is very important. The popular keyword you give up! You do not have to be Taobao.

Prospect: at this stage the door O2O O2O more than community fire, because the door O2O is to provide standardized services vertical, relatively easy to scale, so the more recognized by the capital market, O2O, O2O, washing massage, beauty chef O2O O2O, O2O, O2O, car maintenance of domestic O2O is the capital market darling, look at the issue from another perspective, the door is O2O being sought to affirm O2O market value, only the door O2O project point more in line with the Internet "quickly" the rules of the market, now these on-site O2O project is just a part of the value of mining, the door of O>

website is about 100 IP for a few days to get my confidence shot down the wrath of the unspeakable, but fortunately as Taobao customers I actually had years after the first income, so I thought for a long time, also summarizes a.

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: what is the future of community? For users, including the community house, including the neighbors, including pets, including property, including security, including the square dance, also including the jump square dance aunt, including the rising price of Baked Scallion Pancake shop, including today’s barber shop open community, including all nearby homes and home the. What community are not, but it is what, because the community itself is a part of life, people have the basic necessities of life cannot do without the community, and the community and provides convenience for people’s life, what we need, what the community can provide, it is because of this, the community market demand and opportunities will be O2O the broader.

years ago in order to make the site a better user experience, put into the background of festive red background, but also because of a total station want to website, the website from the site navigation site types into C Doug Taobao shopping network now this version of this tactic the website was quietly down the right mistakes. Let me also very regret, not when I see the 200046 server logs to blame yourself too hard for mistakes, directional flow will start the process of my next goal, for example, how to remove acne, how to remove acne, a kind of competition is not too much words to me the goal of every day in IP although not much, but they have 80% possible to buy your products. Since there is a group of people in need of products, 30% is to buy the product, 70% of people are asking the products, I think I will spend time to buy the product in 30% people. So I live on the 100 IP will be able to get a commission on average 100 yuan, you feel very little is it? But I tell you, I also do whitening, lose weight, and many women’s key! With more

1, O2O+ community


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today I am superficial introduced, several methods of small simple keyword rankings, the overall summary is Taobao guest website flow bottom does not matter, the volume is the most important.

2, O2O+ door-to-door


solution: according to people’s daily basic necessities of life, science and technology arena community as a unit, users need only one account with a password, you can easily online pay utility fees, more residential neighborhood interaction between residential district, the neighborhood can communicate through this platform, what delicious, fun to share your neighbors and friends here; and publish their own want to sell second-hand idle goods, if your neighbor to see, and have the intention to buy your goods, you can contact him through the platform of contact, do face to face that the deal can also promote mutual understanding. Secondly, a variety of property management functions, all access to all the property hardware. Property management company through community O2O management of all business owners and residential, and support APP side management. Jianghu community O2O solutions force for users, property owners and businesses to create a win-win platform, who is in front of, who is the big winner.

O2O scene has been hot for some time, but it has also been through a period of gloom. A lot of people ask, "is this the right way?" my answer is "yes" or "no". The direction of the project and the direction of the project itself are wrong, so you can’t blame the market. There are many opportunities for O2O, and its economic value is beyond doubt. The following small books have sorted out several market prospects and solutions for the O2O industry, and I hope it will help you.